The World Beyond The World You Are Living


It softly begins with the tunes of a cello. It’s like the ups and downs of life are portrayed in the piece. 

sadness, hard times… the many stories of a life, all illuminated by the notes. It’s as if the music comes and whispers to you ‘it’s going to be fine, you’ll get over it soon’; the sorrow, pain and sadness of life are sent away with the melody. It is soft and strong, like surging waves, refreshing wind across the green field, warm sunshine, and fresh air…Just like being in Mother’s arms, you are directed to this warm place.


The World Beyond The World You Are Living - Wisdom's Webzine

Photo by Silvia Giallinà

The sounds of the flutes and violins that appear softly throughout the piece are just like a beam of light and hope for you, a wanderer in a forest. The flutes and violins softly talk to you, as if a blue bird sings: ‘there’s a new world here; the world beyond the world you’re living.’ After many fluctuations, a cello eventually becomes harmonized.


Those soft sounds throughout the piece give you an opportunity to look around at the world that always protects you, cheers you up and waits for you. The gratitude you feel…

This music gave me strength and consolation when I desperately felt that life, the world, was meaningless. You may be going through difficult times right now, but there is still hope. One day you will reach a realization that there is a place where you can overcome everything. As I listen to the piece, I truly feel cheerful with warm smiles and words; I am happy.