What Is There To Remain?


In our lifetimes, we hear countless stories of great and successful people. Their stories have something in common: after having overcome life’s agonies and pains, they achieve something meaningful in the end. Those people truly inspire us.  With endless effort and strong determination to attain one goal, they finally overcame their limits. Their achievements are recorded and their stories went down in history. But where did they go? Where have their existences gone?

What Is There To Remain? - Wisdom's WebzineNo matter how hard we try to find their existence in the world, their beings cannot be found anywhere. These great men and women must have disappeared from the world. Although they might have accomplished the goals they had set in their lives, the lives they lived seems not so different from a meaningless movie that has already “ended.”

Throughout life, we feel the sweetness of success and glory and the bitterness of downturns and we perceive that to be all there is. Just as all others have done, we live trapped inside the life of birth, aging, sickness and death, with some flavorings of joy, anger, sorrow and happiness. For the sake of living with a higher degree of comfort and satisfaction (for a life that will eventually vanish), humans constantly aim for the best even knowing we will have to “leave” it in the end. We humans might be the most foolish creatures in the world.

Past saints said that the human life is like a daytime nap. The futility and meaninglessness of life has always been mentioned. So it is surprising to see how ignorant we are about such teachings. We are just negligent because we are too caught up in our human lives. If the lives we are living are compared to daytime dreams – you dream as if it happens for real, but once you wake up, a dream is a non-existing illusion – if our lives are nothing more than a mere illusion, why are we desperately struggling to live better lives? Why are we slaving away at the risk of our own lives? For what do we even have to risk our lives…?

Would a life of completion (which never disappears) exist? That life must be the complete opposite of the life of incompletion in which you “dwell in” every experience of pain and agony. For people in the past, it would have been natural that a horse was the only form of transportation. However when the time was right and under the right What Is There To Remain? - Wisdom's Webzineconditions, cars were eventually invented and then airplanes were created. Likewise, you might feel that human life, which comes to an inevitable end after many decades, is the only way to live. But at one point in time in the universe, when the conditions for the life of completion are satisfied, the way for completion would possibly emanate and become available to the world. Wouldn’t it?

The ultimate solution for us is human completion.

If it is now that the method for human completion is available, and if the life of completion actually comes true, it will definitely be the most hopeful and miraculous message ever.