Hope That No One Can Kill- Paul Potts


Have you ever asked yourself why you came to this world and wondered what hidden talents you possessed within? We often hear the saying that everyone is born with their own genuine talents. But have you ever collapsed from fighting against the odds, failing to achieve your dreams even after discovering your own hidden gem, the talent inside?

Hope That No One Can Kill - Paul Potts - Wisdom's Webzine

Sometimes we lose sight of hope and we even fall apart due to the hindrances life throws at us. What made our hopes crumble to despair? Perhaps, it was the memory of having to surrender to the criticisms against future dreams, heartbreaking moments when we considered ourselves failures, or hurtful words about our “unbecoming” appearance. People say we have to get our heads of the clouds and stop being so idealistic. Therefore, whenever we are confronted by the “practical reality,” the bleak possibility of actualizing our hopes, we end up trapping ourselves in a frame of mind that accepts “reality.” But the sad fact is we don’t even knowing what is real. And we compromise our dreams thinking: “Well, I know I won’t make it”, “This is how life is supposed to be”. But frankly speaking, no one chains us to that negativity. We are the ones who make the excuses and are the first to give up. We are our selves’ worst enemy, making it impossible to break away from the limits we set.

But here is a man who overcame countless stereotypes and his own limitations to finally actualize his dream: Paul Potts. This video clip already has over 100 million views and that number is steadily increasing probably because of his hopeful message that inspires everyone. Paul was a cellphone seller. From his early childhood, he discovered his outstanding talent of singing. Music was the only hope for the little boy when he was bullied at school. But as he carried on, the hardships didn’t end. He continuously suffered from car accidents and unexpected diseases which cost him not only a fortune but also his inner-confidence.  So he accepted his situation and finally decided to surrender to his “reality” and give up his dream.

However, Paul decided to perform at one last audition, his very last chance to make his hopes come true. Against all odds and with the pure passion for singing opera, Paul went on stage. There, he bashfully told the judges that he would be singing opera. Ignoring the scornful looks, he softly sang the beautiful melody of the aria, “Nessun Dorma”. Paul continued to sing gracefully, while the crowd responded to him with an immediate standing ovation. That was the very moment when Paul broke free from his barriers of hardship. Paul poured all his energy into every word he sang with solemn determination. His vehement passion for his hope deeply touched the hearts of many and moved them to tears. Not only was it his fantastic voice that moved even the most adamant judges, but it was also his invincible passion and hope.

Hope That No One Can Kill - Paul Potts - Wisdom's Webzine

After his phenomenal performance aired on TV, he won the audition, and his three albums including debut release were ranked as bestsellers. He even went on to tour around the world. Paul’s hopeful message was not just about the visible success he achieved. His message was also about his innocent desire for the passion of his life and that one should stay optimistic, never letting go of the hope. However for many, that hope is something we have forgotten and lost a while ago.

In terms of “practicality,” Paul didn’t have the handsomely rugged face or the perfect body which is expected in the entertainment industry. When he walked on stage, he didn’t seem confident with himself either. He just seemed like a modest man who got shy before his performance. No one would have suspected his diamond-like talent by judging his appearance. Paul did not fit any of the “standards for success” which our society has created. Despite that, he never lost hope and kept a positive mind that someday he would make it.

We go through the journey of life, which is not always sweet. In fact we frequently taste the bitterness of failure along the way. So we are often tempted to just give up and surrender. But in the end, it is ultimately our choice whether we will move forward by throwing away the bitter past or falling even further behind by chaining ourselves down to the shadow of memories. We all live only once and the time we are wasting compromising ourselves with the past experiences won’t come back. Then isn’t it so pathetic if we just let ourselves be enslaved by our own limitations, which we created only in our minds and thus does not exist. Should we really let the hope vanish out of our lives? We will come to know that the limitation was nothing but our illusions only when we overcome the limitation. Beyond the limitation, great freedom awaits!

Now is the time! We can make it! Let’s not just sigh and reminiscence about the past which will never come back. Instead, let’s give it a try! No matter what we have given up, let’s challenge our obstacles and go beyond without losing hope.