Anecdote Of Gravity Defying Towels


Anecdote Of Gravity Defying Towels - Wisdom's Webzine

You can’t imagine how much I laughed with my sisters after seeing this. These are the towels in our bathroom cabinet at home. Because the towels were packed so tightly together, they stayed upright despite taking out many towels from the bottom. The towels defied gravity for several more days.

“A well-built house does not collapse even if you take away some pillars.” As soon as I saw the cabinet, that saying came to mind immediately. If you pack and layer the towels well it is sturdy. Do you think you can’t build a house because you lack bricks or wood? Do you think you can’t do what must be done because you lack the time and money? Those are simply excuses. There is no such thing as “can’t do”. You are just not doing it. There is no such thing as “not possible”.  If you don’t have bricks, you can use mud and pack it more tightly. I am more determined than others to put in my time and effort; I believe one must act immediately to make things happen!

Since I was able to see such sturdiness built with just towels, I now have the hope and determination to build a house of my own.  To achieve goals, to see people I miss, one only has to put in the time and dedication. Brick by brick, I will lay my foundation, and if there are no bricks, then I’ll use towels. Did I go too far with my towel analogy? But what I wish for you to take away from this anecdote is a small lesson and a smile.  ^^