Dreams Come True!

The fairy tales we read when we were kids inevitably had happy endings. I thought life would be the same, too. Disappointingly, however, it turned out that life was not so. Even from a child’s eyes, the world didn’t seem that peaceful or happy. So, I started to dream about a happier world, another world, different from the world I was actually living in.

I was full of dreams: I wished the world to be without pain or suffering, to be one where everyone trusts one another, where my family, my friends and relatives, neighbors and everyone is happy, where everyone lives with laughter, without fear, racism, deceit, regrets, fear, worries, sadness, rage, anger and stress. I also wished that I would not to be afraid of ghosts, and to be free and joyful wherever and whenever I was. I hoped for unconditional peace, happiness, joy and freedom. I ultimately hoped that I could always live joyfully and happily in a world where everyone cares for one another.

I believed everything would miraculously come true. I strongly believed that there must be a world where everything could be accomplished, a paradise. Sadly though, the world I lived in was so far away from my ideal world. However, since it has been ingrained in us that ‘dreams come true,’ I resolved to continue believing, thinking there must be a way for this paradise to exist.

Don’t worry. We weren’t born into this world without reason. There must be a definite reason. So what would be the reason for my existence? I live a life that must ultimately come to an end, so I want to know the meaning of this life. Why was I born? I want to become happy. Am I wishing for something unrealistic? Was I born for my beliefs? Then, what am I? Who am I?

I began my quest to discover ‘something’ that would solve all of my questions and wishes: the condition for happiness, the way to become happy, the meaning and purpose of life, the reason why human beings are in this world, the reason for our existence… I endlessly searched for solutions from others, such as my parents, professors, sages’ words, and countless readings. It was literally endless. I tried to learn everything but there was certainly a limit to my knowledge – that is the limitation of a human being.


Is a person constantly chasing a rainbow confronted with a futile end? Does that chasing come to nothing? Does nothing exist at the end?


Surprisingly, a miracle came to me: the DEFINITE SOLUTION.


There was a way! I was actually formed by everything that I’d seen, heard, felt, smelled, tasted, and learned as these experiences remained as a memory inside of me, inside of my mind. I had self-centeredly built my own world! What I called, “life” was my own picture world. The reason why I couldn’t go beyond my limit, why there was no end to the learning and why I couldn’t find any solutions was because I was stuck inside of my mind. I came to know the precise definition of mind. I had just been looking at the world through my own sunglasses. That’s why I couldn’t live in the world as it truly existed. There was actually a method to take off the sunglasses! I could now break free from the never-ending vicious circle within me!

The method was subtraction – the opposite of what I had been doing. Up until I found this method, I had only added to my mind, trying to possess more and having a hard time finding the solution from within myself. The solution was to discard. I was told that the false mind had to be thrown away. It was a relief to hear that the mind I had was false. Just like throwing away garbage into a garbage bin, there was a method to throw away the false mind. I kept discarding, discarding and discarding it. It was really easy. So I just did it. Since I had already learned that there was no end to addition, knowing that there was an end for subtraction was such a relief! If you eliminate what’s non-existent, it really disappears. Then, the real appears. I could confirm it for myself! It was just amazing! Our original nature, the True Me, The perfect solution for all my questions, I finally found the answers.

There was actually a way – a way to become happy, a way to live without stress, a way to live

freely in whichever situation is given to me, the way to live enjoying every single moment, every single second of life, without regrets, fear, worries and sadness, a way to trust each other! Everyone has faith in one another, and does not seek anything from each other. I am always happy. I am always free. Every day, I feel so light, as if I could fly in the sky, joyful, happy, and grateful. The laughter just flows out so naturally because I feel extremely joyful and blissful. This is the happiness we have been searching for. We came to this world to find this, happiness.

After finding happiness, one no longer dwells in comfort and satisfaction! There is now a way to the never-changing and everlasting true world where only serenity and gratitude are present. The door is already open to every one of us.

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