Nature Meets Hope


Nature Meets Hope - Wisdom's Webzine

#1 I attached a label on a pinecone that I picked up while taking a walk. I named the pinecone Hope.

Wisdom's Webzine#2 Nature provides the welcome rain that moistens the dried soil. Just like the soil, my mind is also enriched.

Nature Meets Hope - Wisdom's Webzine #3 Memo : a memo that kick starts the day with hope!

Nature Meets Hope - Wisdom's Webzine#3-1 Writing a letter of hope to the apple of my eye.

Nature Meets Hope - Wisdom's Webzine#4 A handful of life

Here you are, little life

Hope springs up from a tiny seed planted a month ago.

Nature Meets Hope - Wisdom's Webzine #5 Hope floats into the blue sky.

Wisdom's Webzine#6 I hold Love in my hands. This love is a warmth that conveys hope and love.

Wisdom's Webzine #7 I place this clover of hope, discovered in a small garden, in my hand.

Wisdom's Webzine#8 Hope blooming from the winter snow.

Wisdom's Webzine  Photography by Isla Watson. Wisdom’s Webzine All Rights Reserved.