Winter Fruits


Every season, we receive rich gifts from Mother Nature. No matter which season it is – spring, summer, fall and winter – there are seasonal foods and fruits. Today, all fruits are so abundant during any season that it’s hard to distinguish the fruits as “in-season.”  Although it looks harsh and dreary, winter is actually also full of hope and the love that the world gives. Here is a selection of fruits for wintertime, gifts from Mother Nature:

<5 Easy-to-Find Winter Fruits for You from Mother Nature>

Winter Fruits - Wisdom's Webzine


l  Rich in fiber, it is a good preventative medicine for constipation.

l  A good aid for water balance in our body, it helps against diarrhea.

l  A fiber called Pectin promotes detoxification by stimulating the growth of intestinal lactobacillus.

l  Rich in organic acid and vitamins C, E and D, it is effective in countering fatigue and skin problems.

l  Rich in potassium, it helps to our body discharge sodium. It also effectively prevents high blood pressure.

l  Anthocyanin, a polyphenol antioxidant in apple peels, slows down cell aging process.

l  If you eat apples with peels, it helps whiten your teeth, stimulates saliva production and helps prevent tooth decay by suppressing the propagation of dental bacteria.

Winter Fruits - Wisdom's Webzine


l  Natural estrogen in pomegranate seeds helps relieve involutional melancholia (extreme depression that results from menopause or male climacteric) and insomnia.

l  Rich in vitamin A, it helps relieve eye strain and visual acuity improvement. It also prevents night blindness.

l  It is an excellent stimulator for digestion and discharge of wastes from blood vessels. It effectively prevents vascular diseases, such as high blood pressure and hematosis.

l  Volatile alkaloid in pomegranates is a good antibiotic and antiseptic. It can be used to cure food poisoning.

l  Rich in calcium, it is effective in preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Winter Fruits - Wisdom's Webzine


l  Organic acid in cranberries helps destroy pathogenic bacteria.

l  Fructose-based anthocyanin prevents bacteria from clinging to the urethral wall, i.e. prevents urinary infection.

l  Rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoid and proanthocyanidin, it helps in preventing arteriosclerosis, blood clots, cardiac disease, angina, high blood pressure, heart attack and spasmodic symptoms.

l  Cranberries help oral bacteria control, i.e. effectively prevents gum diseases and tartar formation, a main cause of periodontitis.

Winter Fruits - Wisdom's Webzine


l  Rich in vitamin C, it prevents lowering the body temperature by stimulating metabolism. Mandarins are perfect for wintertime because it improves the physical resistance against stress, and is excellent in preventing and curing colds.

l  It has been revealed that it effectively deters the potential damage of a threatening carcinogen called nitrosamine.

l  Rich in citric acid, it is effective in fatigue relief and preventing artery diseases.

l  Vitamin P in mandarins strengthens the capillaries, i.e. helps in preventing artery diseases and high blood pressure.

l  Vitamin E prevents oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and deters accumulation of cholesterol.

l  Mandarin peels (you can dry and boil them for tea) strengthen lungs, help stop coughing, and promote digestion. In addition, grilled unpeeled mandarins are effective in reducing phlegm.

l  Cis-coumarin and methylhesperidin, nutrients in mandarins, have an anti-inflammatory effect and an antiulcer effect, respectively.

Winter Fruits - Wisdom's Webzine


l  Rich in vitamin C, it is effective in preventing cold, fatigue and dermatitis.

l  Rich in potassium, it helps in discharging sodium from the body, i.e. it is good for high blood pressure. It prevents muscle spasms due to long hours of exercise.

l  Rich in fiber, it is excellent for constipation.

l  High in vitamin E, also known as an antioxidant, reduces free oxygen radicals.

l  Protease in kiwis helps digestion and improves protein absorption rates.

l  Rich in magnesium, a natural beauty enhancer.

l  Rich in folic acid, which is especially good for pregnant women.

l  Rich in glutamic acid, which simulates the production of growth hormones. It is good for growing children.

l  Apolyphenolic constituent, called quercetin, helps prevent all kinds of cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

l  There are many other benefits: cholesterol control, elimination of intestinal toxins, prevention of colorectal cancer and prostate cancer, regulation of blood glucose, prevention of dermatitis and skin cancer, and much more.


Other Winter Fruits:

Lemons, Oranges, Blood Oranges, Sweet Oranges, Clementine, Satsuma Oranges, Tangerines, Kumquats, Pummelos, Persimmon, Pears, Rhubarbs, Tangelos, Ugli Fruits

These were the fruits that are easily found near you, weren’t they?

Please don’t forget to eat them and keep yourself warm this winter!

It is so comforting to know that these fruits (provided by Mother Nature who exists giving us everything unconditionally) give us life and hope. Mother Nature really is always there for us.