Story-Telling From The Heart


Michael Jackson – Heal the World

* Play the video clip and read this article with your heart while listening to the song

Angel and Devil coexist in Sammy’s heart. Angel only cares for giving all that she has and truly believes she is living in love where there’s no hurt or sorrow. On the other hand, the devil blames the conditions and situations for its own misfortune. Devil always leads Sammy into temptation. Angel constantly reminds Sammy that there is a better place, so bright and filled with love.

After incessant suffering due to Devil’s temptation, Sammy’s life hit rock bottom. It is only at this point that she gradually starts to hear Angel’s words. ‘You can live in everlasting bliss and grace where there is no need to cry. I don’t want to see you dying any longer. There is a way to get there. If you care enough to live, there is a way…Listen to me. Trust me, Sammy.’

Sammy resolves that she will absolutely find such a world in her mind. She will defeat Devil and live. She resolves to live. “I must now only concentrate on living.” She then realizes that the way was already here in the world and that she was too negligent to recognize the path.

And, Sammy heals the world – heals her world, her mind world. Sammy heals her exhausted heart and soul that have been truly dying. Sammy, full of joy, cries tears of happiness. Only that world where there is no hurt or sorrow, where it is brighter than tomorrow, where there is only love and caring for joyful giving, and in which everyone is her brother and sister, exists. She no longer has to live in agony, languishing in her pain. From within her mind, Sammy discovers this heavenly world, the real world where every creature coexists just as it is.