My Journey To The Universe Mind

My Journey To The Universe Mind - Wisdom's Webzine

Emil Capino

I have been meditating for the last six months and I can say that this meditation’s subtraction method really works! I wish to share my story so that others can be inspired to start their own journeys to the universe mind…

I am Emil Capino from the Philippines and am currently on Level 3. I am an IT Entrepreneur and I came to Singapore in October to expand our consulting business. It was a fulfilling and stressful assignment which came at a time when our business was struggling and my mother was dying of cancer. My days would seem longer as I tried hard to focus on my work while I worried about my family back home.

I joined this meditation in November to get rid of the stress, the loneliness and homesickness that i felt while working away from family. But what I got from this meditation was so much more than I expected…

One of my profound realizations during this meditation was that I have been unconsciously searching for a true and lasting happiness, which has eluded me in spite of the many adventures that I have had – mountain climbing, scuba diving and sport fishing which are some hobbies I truly enjoy.

With mountain climbing, I felt happy and fulfilled whenever I reached the top of the mountain. But my satisfaction was only temporary. So I had to climb more mountains, the next mountain always higher than the previous. I needed to overcome challenge after challenge, just to feel alive. The same went for scuba diving. I went from one diving spot to the next just to feel the thrill and sense of fulfillment. And I experienced the same with sport fishing. My happiness was temporary, only until I caught the next big fish. I did not realize that I was constantly tackling these adventures in search of true and lasting happiness.


This meditation has not only gotten rid of my stress and homesickness, it has improved my focus and concentration at work. It has helped me cope with the loss of my mother. It has made me realize and learn from my past mistakes.

By cleansing the mind, I find myself naturally happy and positive! I learn to appreciate the simple things in life. And as I continue my journey, I begin to find true peace and lasting happiness from within.

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