The Complete Self Being Together, Us


We call something we haven’t attained a ‘dream’ and chase it. From small beginnings of hope for happiness, it snowballs into greater hope. But when we suddenly feel we are off track, the futility surges.

It is that moment we realize that the unfulfilled wants have brought us here. The perfection we wished and hoped for was non-existent in the first place. It was an unattainable mirage, instantly making the time we’ve lived for that dream so meaningless.

These eyes that only looked at ‘me,’ start to orient outwards. When we do this, at that moment, we realize that the world which was covered by our own mind, already has been giving us everything, the most suitable and beautiful things, thus we come to feel thankful for and sorry to it at the same time.

Countless invisible cells gather to make us exist. A task which cannot be accomplished alone can be easily done if many people work together. Little caterpillars, puppies, bears, birds, trees, mountains, brooks, fish, oceans, wind, light, sun and so on, all exist in the world with each other in harmony. Nothing is worthless. They have their own unique shape but exist as one. We are all complete as we are together as one without trying to gain, accomplish or fill more.

It is the ‘Universe.’

The Complete Self Being Together, Us - Wisdom's Webzine


* Let’s Love Ourselves

We take care of our appearance, face and body shape. We also enjoy doing hobbies and reading books to improve ourselves. We decorate our home beautifully. We also buy nice clothes and accessories to make us look better. But let’s ask ourselves a question. Am I doing this to show off to others or to be recognized?

We try to build on this facade of ours. But in order to truly love ourselves, we must first find and know the real self.

* Let’s Love Each Other

We live encountering with countless people.  Sometimes we judge and treat people by their outer appearance and by our limited experiences with them. For example, if a person dresses too casually at work, we may perceive him as unprofessional. Or if we see only one side of a person, we judge them to be like that all the time. A person who is rude and inconsiderate in one moment may stick in our mind as rude and inconsiderate regardless of how they act in the next moment. We are quick to judge and slow to accept and forgive.

On reflection, we shouldn’t judge people solely on our own limited perception of that person. If we respect others as they are, without mind, attachment and prejudice, it would be the greatest love and we would be one family unconditionally.


* Let’s Love the World

We often forget that the world is providing us with everything necessary for life. We mistakenly think that we are living by our own will and abilities. But we would instantly be in big trouble if oxygen ceases to exist.

It is a shame to be full of complaints and devoid of gratitude. Even though the world generously gives us everything we need, our insatiable desire drives us to want more and more without gratitude even after our desires are met. It is the dirtiest mind. It is a selfish mind.

We should cherish and look after the World that provides everything.

* Let’s Go Back to the Origin

Let’s go back to the place where the world exists as it is without this thing called ‘me.’ Before I was born, only the Origin existed. This ‘me,’ my false thoughts, judgments and discernments, doesn’t belong in the world.

The world would be the utmost beautiful place if our sullied mind didn’t cover it up. That place is the original-existing pure mind that never changes. If we exist there it is the biggest and broadest mind in the world and there would be days of never-ending laughter for everyone. It indeed makes us feel good even just to think about it.