The Most Important Thing Is Subtracting

"The Most Important Thing Is Subtracting." - Wisdom's Webzine


Gabriella Kokas

I have been practicing this meditation for more than 3 months and I am more than happy to share my experiences with those who are interested. The reason why I started this meditation was mainly because throughout my whole life, I have been searching for something that we can call ever-lasting, permanent happiness or peace of mind. I was searching for answers to so many questions regarding life, but was never satisfied with any of the answers because there was always a new way of seeing things and none of the methods I tried gave my satisfaction. I was constantly trying to find out who I truly am and found myself always conflicting with my inner self.

When I started Level 1, I was in a very difficult situation facing many problems in literally all areas of my life. I had moved to Singapore not long before I joined this meditation trying to establish and accommodate myself, while searching for a job. Sometimes, I even had difficulty paying for housing. On top of this, I had so many worries, so much anxiety mostly about trivial things that gave me a tough time. Meeting Robin, one of the helpers, for the first time made a really lasting impression on me. While chatting to her, what I immediately noticed was that she was totally at ease, radiating peacefulness, harmony, confidence and something that I could not explain at that time, but now know that it is permanent knowledge, something that is True. I started this meditation without too much thought, almost automatically. I think I was attracted to the very good energies of the center in Singapore and all the people that surrounded me there. I was drawn to that place like a magnet, I just felt I had to go there and of course I wanted to achieve the same level of peace of mind that the helpers and the Level 8 students had.

At the initial stage, I would have never thought that this was something for me, since all my life I had been concentrating on how to gain more and more knowledge, accumulate more and more things in my mind instead of emptying it. Actually, I was so full of fears and negative thoughts to such an extent that most of the time I felt tense. I also felt that I always lacked time and was never fully satisfied with anything because every experience only gave me momentary pleasure.

At the moment, being on level 3, what I can truly say is that I am sure I want to accomplish this journey towards happiness, head towards completion no matter what it takes. The reason is that I immediately felt the beneficial effects of this meditation. I feel less stressed, the many worries and anxieties seem to have disappeared, I feel more peaceful and more free than before. Sometimes, I just walk down the street feeling happiness and gratitude for the everything in my life.

"The Most Important Thing Is Subtracting." - Wisdom's Webzine 

I stopped thinking so much and feel more liberated from the things I never thought I could possibly become free of. I feel less like a slave of my circumstances and realized that there are certain areas of my life, such as the way I lived before was not something I can be proud of. There is so much caring, love, respect and selfless devotion among the people that I met here at this meditation that I truly feel I want to be part of it. I admire the commitment of all the helpers and the upper level students, who are really exceptional people and it is my utmost hope that more and more people will help and spread the news about this meditation. Furthermore, I believe one day, hopefully sooner than later we can open a new center in Hungary to make our world more stress free and ease the tension that surrounds us in our busy everyday lives.

Now I see and understand that cleansing our minds by subtracting all the thoughts that give us headaches is the most important and best thing we can do to live a stress-free and more fulfilling life. I stopped chasing happiness because I know that happiness is within us and only we can create it. It is my pleasure that in one way or another, I am also able to contribute to an improved community here by cleansing my mind, thus instilling small but lasting changes in our world. I also feel that this journey can be rocky at times and requires persistence but it was also clear to me from the very first moments that it is worth taking the time to meditate as the effects will be constant.

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