Let’s Be Together, With A Song Of Concord…


Ode to Joy, Beethoven – 9th Symphony


Do you remember the greatest historical moment in 1989: The fall of the Berlin Wall? We cannot forget the moment when East Germany and West Germany became one by demolishing the enormous concrete that had separated the nation for about 30 years. Moreover, what deeply moved us was the ensemble of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy, echoing throughout the unified Germany during the ceremony of the Berlin Wall demolishment.

Let's Be Together, With A Song Of Concord... - Wisdom's Webzine

What made this song even more stirring was the insertion of German poet Friedrich Schiller’s poem in the chorus of the fourth movement. This poem portrays the love and peace of humanity.

O friends, no more these sounds!
Let us sing more cheerful songs,
more full of joy!


Thy magic power re-unites
All that custom has divided,
All men become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings.

Whoever has created
An abiding friendship,
Or has won
A true and loving wife,
All who can call at least one soul theirs,
Join in our song of praise;
But any who cannot must creep tearfully
Away from our circle.


She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
Even the worm can feel contentment,
And the cherub stands before God!

Gladly, like the heavenly bodies
Which He set on their courses
Through the splendor of the firmament;
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!

Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.

Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?

Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell.”


Beethoven’s Ode to Joy has the power to palpitate our hearts. The chorus is indeed the highlight of highlights so the world raises their voice hoping for real concord surpassing race, ethnicity and nationality. Wouldn’t we become one when our choose power for the whole and not for the individual? The process of deriving and longing for concord is depicted by the harmony of diverse instruments and voices. It is no exaggeration to say that it is an epic poem. Searching for the light trapped in the darkness, a slender beam gradually grows larger until finally the beautiful harmony of the great chorus bursts from joy while the slender beam of light radiates and brightens the entire world. It is just like the saying, “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” The music is so touching it affects the choir, orchestra and audience to ardently hope for concord.

Let's Be Together, With A Song Of Concord... - Wisdom's WebzineBeethoven had already completely lost his hearing when he was composing this symphony. Therefore, he must have been working, searching for even a sliver of light in the anguish of his inability to hear any sound. Eventually he overcame his difficult situation. The symphony was the fruit of realization after fiercely battling with his extreme pain. Perhaps because this piece projects his psychological and physical circumstances, it touches our heart more deeply.

Beethoven’s masterpiece 9th Symphony, which will go down in the history of music, is the product of overcoming his tribulation. Everyone must have experienced these moments of agony and desperation from worries, pain, anxiety and stress at least once in their lifetimes. So rather than wasting time trapped in ourselves, especially in those moments of pain, we shouldn’t forget that we can also make such miracles like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy happen. The harmony between you and me, the harmony in society would bring a better tomorrow, which is a miracle.