The Giving Tree



A playground, a friend, and a shelter for the little boy, the tree also provides its leaves and apples

The boy grows up, becomes a teen, and then becomes a man

He picks all the apples from the tree to earn money

And cuts all the branches to build a house

And cuts down the trunk to make a boat

And the boy finally returns to the tree, an aged man in want of rest.

Yet with nothing left to give but its stump, the tree offers itself as a seat to rest on.


The Giving Tree - Wisdom's Webzine


A giving tree is always happy.

A giving tree always hopes that the boy is happy.

A giving tree gives everything but doesn’t have the mind of having done so.


If I look around, I am being given everything.

The land I live on,

The warm sunlight,

Air, water,

The clothes I am wearing at this very moment,

The perfect conditions that allow me to exist on the Earth

And the endless list goes on…


The world gives everything

Without words

All the time

A beautiful world

That coexists

But I always demanded

More more more more more

From the world

I need more,

I have to have more…

But now, I also want to become the mind of the world and live like a giving tree.