The Power Of Love


The Power Of Love - Wisdom's Webzine

The power of love is great. Everyone must have experienced love at some point in his/her adolescence. When you fall in love with somebody, you become bewitched and can’t help but think only about that person. You think about that person all day long, wishing to give every part of yourself to that person. Even if you couldn’t find joy or meaning in your life before, once you fall in love, some enormous power and vitality surges from deep within you. Your life becomes full of excitement. Your body brims with adrenalin and a sort of supernatural power.

The power of love is that great. We sometimes hear on the news or in the media about people who died or were injured while saving their beloved children or lover. Risking your life becomes possible if you love someone because you are able to sacrifice yourself. The ‘love’ we are talking about is not only physical love but also platonic love, parental love, and love for your family and friends. In the name of love, you are overcome with enormous power and you can potentially reach a state where you feel no loss from throwing away your life. Have you ever experienced that?

A new year has brightened so let’s experience burning love this year in 2013: try truly loving someone and wholly devoting yourself. It doesn’t matter if you choose to love your partner or your family.

There’s a fish called a stickleback. When it comes time to raise their children, sticklebacks sacrifice their bodies to their babies in order to supply nutrients to them. So the baby sticklebacks end up eating their parents’ flesh to grow. Of course, that is an extreme example. But the power of love seems truly profound. It doesn’t matter if you are a lover, a child or a parent; you become energized from within when you think about your loved ones. Even though you face difficulties or tribulations, when you do something for your loved ones you become empowered; it is like a supernatural power which allows you to overcome any tribulation.

If you feel your life is empty, why don’t you think about somebody? It can be parents or a partner and think about what you can do to make them happy. Let’s passionately take action to help them or show them how much you appreciate them.  Do something that they will enjoy. Perhaps you could hold a special event for them? Say, if your beloved parents wish to go on a trip, you could get a part-time job, diligently save up money and make their wishes come true.

Why do our dads work so hard to earn money? They endure all the hardship at work without even complaining to us, right? That is because they love their wives and children. Because they love their family so much, our dads overcome their present pain and hardships with the hope that their family will be happy. To provide good shelter and food, our dads also go to work today.

How beautiful love is! If you have no joy in your life or feel that it is too difficult to live that just means love is absent from your life. Try loving somebody! Fall in flaming love…

So that you don’t get left behind with regrets later in life, let’s love and sacrifice ourselves, pouring out all of ourselves for someone else. Why don’t you start with something small? You can save up money to buy a gift that another will like or take a loved one out to eat. If you see them happy, you’ll already feel a happiness that is even better than winning billions of dollars.

There is a wonderful old saying: “Love as if you will die today…” I hope 2013 to be the year everyone falls into flaming love.