What We Are Truly Longing For Is ‘Us’ Being Together


What We Are Truly Longing For Is 'Us' Being Together - Wisdom's Webzine

From an indefinite point in time, society has lost the human touch. In the past, we shared delicious food with others and smiled brightly to each other on streets. But if we look at society today, such a connection seems to have disappeared long ago. Now, everyone is just rushing off completely indifferent to others.

We spend the day worrying about money, the future, and all the payments. Overwhelmed with anxiety for tomorrow, many people are unable to fall asleep. Since when exactly this all begin? Our lives are now full of anxiety and everyone is living with countless fears.

Recently, The States has been facing serious issues due to all the shooting massacres. After the Connecticut school shooting tragedy in December 2012, the atmosphere in America has been so dismal and shaky because of the potential dangers that people are afraid of even going out.

Society has been like this for some time now. Without having recognized it, society has become cold and cruel with everyone suffering, afraid and lonely. Thus we hear of many people committing suicide and murders. Yet, even in such a society, I dream of hope.

The life of living together where everyone becomes one is a life we have desperately been longing for. We dream of a society in which everyone laughs together, where there are no winners and losers, where everyone trusts one another and does no harm to others, where everyone earnestly cares for one another without selfish ulterior motives. This utopia, where you warmly say hello to people passing by no matter how busy you are, where you pause for a moment to console the sad, where couples trust each other, where children can hope for what they want, and where parents can support their children’s dreams without expectations and greed might sound like a story from a fairytale. In modern times, it is completely different from this utopia with divorce rates depressingly high, and so many children with sickened souls due to their parents’ divorces.

However, I do believe that you also ardently hope for this fairytale-like society of pure justice, love, and trust where people laugh together. I believe we can soon usher in such a society.

The life we live barely lasts 70~80 years. Would you waste this short life being furious, distrusting, hating others, and suffering because of money and family? We must find our precious lives: the lives of coexistence, lives of oneness, lives where we can all genuinely laugh together. To achieve such a life, more important than anything, we need to subtract the false human mind that individuals possess. If everyone in the world subtracts one’s individual mind, selfish mind, mind of pain and stress and return to the original mind, the mind of universe, everyone will get to live well, fairly, and happily. I hope the world where everyone becomes better off because of the mind of oneness, the mind of origin, comes soon.