This Meditation Gave Me Eternal Happiness


"Meditation Gave Me Eternal Happiness." - Wisdom's Webzine

Photography by Silvia. Wisdom’s Webzine All Rights Reserved.

TJ Park (30) Bayside, NY

Last May, 2012, I finished the completion level of this meditation. At that time, tears were falling because I was so happy. Upon the completion of this meditation, life literally became heaven itself.

My mind doesn’t carry any of the stress and pain and I am always happy. I sometimes wake up out of joy in the middle of the night. It just feels like a dream. As my mind is joyful and blissful, I laugh out loud when no one is around me.

And I just dance around. Most of all, I now know that since I have achieved human completion, the true self that never dies forever exists in me. The happiest part was that I was certain that the everlasting true self will just live forever even though the body dies. As everyone knows, the body vanishes within a hundred years or so. But through this meditation, my human mind changes to the universe mind, and the true soul that never dies is born from that universe mind. That true soul will live forever just as it is. There’s nothing better and more joyful than this, right? Knowing that I will live forever, I am always joyful. I don’t even envy the presidents of the countries or billionaires because I emptied out my mind and have no stress and suffering at all.

After receiving completion, I laugh all the time and people even told me that I was weird. Some asked me if I had won the lottery. I’m so happy and joyful. But above all else, I am so thankful to the founder, teacher Woo Myung, who created this method. My only thought, now, is that everyone else needs to meet this practice soon so that they can also live happily like me.

I have now attained this dream-like everlasting happiness, but before starting this meditation, I was quite pathetic and lead a miserable life. Life was so wretched I took anti-depressants and tried to commit suicide three times.

I always blamed others and held a grudge against the world. Everyone else seemed so happy, but why aren’t I…? I didn’t want to go out to streets. I hated seeing others happy. Why is it always only me suffering and feeling sad…?

And then I met this meditation. As soon as I practiced this meditation, the minds of stress and pain disappeared completely and the universe mind, which was hidden inside me, was revealed as much as my human mind was subtracted. Upon completion, only the universe mind remained. And I was born again as the everlasting, never-dying soul from the universe mind. Knowing that I will now live forever, I feel like it’s just a dream and I’m full of joy every single day. I only hope my family and other people will meet this practice quickly so that they can also find their everlasting life and feel constant joy and laughter.

What I really like about this meditation is that anyone can do it, regardless of religion. I believe it is the most important task in the world: the reason and purpose we were born into this world must be to find the everlasting universe mind, and the soul of the universe, which is reborn from the universe mind, and does not die even though this body disappears.

If man is born and passes away only after a life of merely 70~80 years, what meaning would it have?

I hope you also meet this practice and can live truly and joyfully forever, like me. Many people have already become complete, and now so many people occupy themselves with meditating to find their everlasting true self. I wish you can start this practice, and do not waste your precious time.


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