The Way They Coexist


The Way They Coexist - Wisdom's Webzine


Long before the first human beings lived on Earth, the plants adapted to and flourished in their environments; they continue to do so even now.

The survival methods of the plants that silently persist are beyond human knowledge.

In contrast to animals that chose a life of mobility, a life of activity and migration to find prey,

Plants chose a life of repose, quietly resting in one place.

To live that way, the plants had to become stronger and wiser.

They had to learn how to ‘coexist’ with all the other creatures.

The scenery we pass by without a thought reveals the light emitted from the strong vitality of the plants that simply coexist.

They teach human beings how to be considerate of others, how to put in a lot of effort, and how to “do together.”

In places that can be easily neglected unless you pay careful attention,

The plants silently stay where they are, carrying out their roles while ‘coexisting’ with every other entity within its proximity.


The Way They Coexist - Wisdom's Webzine




Wisdom's Webzine


Although they seem to be silent, they have conversations with nearby plants, their friends. They also communicate with the universe. They diligently throw out their roots, bloom flowers, and disseminate seeds.

Let’s take off the headphones from our ears and listen carefully to the wind.

Can you hear the chatter of the plants?

Scattered here and there throughout the noisy human world, the plants imperceptibly teach us ‘how to live’.

They just accept the life that is given to them and obey the laws of the universe.

They are truly beautiful, existing just the way they are, living a life of contentment.


Wisdom's WebzineWisdom's Webzine


The virtue of the tree is its strength.

During wintertime the trees seem lifeless.

But they actually hold life inside and when spring comes, they illuminate beautiful lights.

From trees and plants we learn the beauty of ‘just existing’ in the moment.



Wisdom's Webzine



Wisdom's Webzine

Photography by Lily W.