Truly Becoming One


It’s heartbreaking every time I hear the news of another violent rampage that took place in another city somewhere in America. We also often hear shocking news of serial killers, terrorists, etc. from all around the world. I feel so sorry for these perpetrators, whose minds had become so devastated, so twisted that they did’t even hesitate to slaughter others. We, one huge family living together in the global village, should live for one another and love each other. But it seems we have forgotten that simple fact. Centuries ago, people were of one community without fences separating houses. At that time, people did not have borders in their minds. So when I see people in this day and age hurt and stressed, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I think of my pet Cheese.

Her name is Cheese as she loves cheese so much. My dog is now 12 years old. Her young and energetic figure of the past has disappeared and now Cheese reminds me of a lethargic old granny. Although her appearance has changed with time, her mind hasn’t changed once in these past 12 years. She has always stayed by me without any expectations. Her existence was enough to cure the pain I suffered from due to people at work. Although pet owners are too busy or too tired to take care of them, pets don’t get angry and react to their owners’ moods. They just patiently wait until the owner calls them back.

People want their ideas and opinions to be respected and they want to be more recognized and acknowledged than others. Our minds cannot pure-heartedly see others as they are. So we confront others, offend each other, yet reconcile in the end. Then we repeat this pattern time and time again, constantly living this way. While I have been with Cheese, I always loved the feeling of comfort that I could not feel with people. Cheese doesn’t argue with my opinions, and even if I command her to do something she’s not particularly fond of, she soon accepts and understands me. Some people joke around saying that dogs or cats are much better than their family because the pets always wag their tails welcoming them and never nag them to make money. Some perceive humans as selfish, using pets in whatever manner they want and using them to feel loved without the responsibility of having to provide emotionally for the animal.

Not only do household pets live like Cheese, but wild animals such as elephants, lions and bugs also live quite the same way. These animals seem to have lives similar to humans (eating, sleeping, and mating) but fundamentally, they have different minds. Let’s see, what is that basic difference?

Truly Becoming One - Wisdom's Webzine

The main difference is that wild animals have the mind of nature, which we could also say is the universe. Everything in this world, including human beings, exists in the universe. The earth is in the universe and is the home (all resources…water, land, sky everything helps others live on this earth) of all the living/alive things. It seems animals and vegetation in nature have the same mind as the everlasting and never-changing mind of the universe.

I suppose it would be this world, the great nature. Broadly seen, it could be the universe. Everything in this world, including humans, exists on the foundation of the universe. Within the infinite universe, on the planet Earth, all kinds of life are living on the bases of soil, water and sky. It seems animals and vegetation in nature have the same minds as the everlasting and never-changing mind of the universe.

They live in the given moment without worries about the future, and they just treat each other as they are. They don’t restrain others with their greed. They unconditionally live a true life. A dog lives as a dog, a snake lives as a snake and an eagle lives as an eagle but they live as one with nature in the great nature that is within the universe. Wouldn’t that be the real coexistence?

We also urgently have to become one with each other, by becoming the mind of nature. Currently, most people have strong personalities and in severe cases, become criminals. As time passes, it seems that these issues become more severe. How great would be if we could empathize with each other, trust each other, and return to a time when fences weren’t needed? When we lay down our desire to possess and live in tune with nature, our origin, we will truly become one.

When one’s negative self-centered thoughts are turned into action, corresponding consequences undoubtedly follow. From now on, why don’t we ponder on these habits of self-centered thinking before taking action? You will start to feel that you can understand others’ thoughts better and you yourself become placid. Even looking at pets or birds in the sky will help us reflect on ourselves. We become one as we get closer to the mind of nature… I hope for us to become one mind with the world, rather than just being ‘myself’.

Even at this moment, while I write at my desk, my best friend and mentor, Cheese, is calmly looking at me. Together, we coexist in this moment…