Magically Removed A 1000-pound Weight Off My Back

Evan / Musician, New York


"Magically Removed A 1000-pound Weight Off My Back" - Wisdom's Webzine

I am very thankful for this meditation. It’s a miracle, really. If you follow the method that is very simple to understand, the end result is happiness as I have finally found the truth. As I write this, I have just begun the 7th of 8 levels. Throughout the two years and four months that I have practiced this meditation, I have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts.

Things that used to bother me, or even confuse me, don’t seem to be in my mind anymore. All of the bad memories that haunted me from my past have just melted away for the most part. I remember my past, but whatever negative feelings and emotions would come up when I would recall them have just melted away. I feel very liberated and I cannot even imagine what life would be like had I not met this meditation.

I used to be the kind of person who was afraid to speak out and voice my opinion on matters because of the pictures that I still had in my mind from my childhood. I was a shy person very hesitant to let somebody get close.

Before this meditation, I used to spend a lot of time thinking about myself, something that doesn’t really seem like a negative on the surface, but really can be. I always prided myself on being a “selfless” person, but after 2-plus years of this meditation, I realized instead how selfish I really was. The thoughts of me that really clouded my mind just seemed to have melted away. I have learned to think about and do for others, and it feels good. The things that I thought about most on a daily basis, like jobs, personal relationships or even my health just don’t cloud my mind anymore.

"Magically Removed A 1000-pound Weight Off My Back" - Wisdom's Webzine

There is a huge sense of relief that I feel now. It’s almost like someone has magically removed a 1000-pound weight off my back. Through this meditation, I have thrown away and just let go of so many useless pictures and emotions of long ago that just weighed me down like a gigantic anchor. Now, I sometimes notice myself in the center of conversations, and getting into social situations without hesitation, which if I think about it, is the complete opposite of how I used to be.

I have learned to let go of my attachments to so many things, which will just be resolved naturally. I know now that I was trying to control these things too much. Just living naturally is a beautiful thing. What ends up happening is that everything has a way of working itself out naturally. Things that used to bother me don’t anymore. Areas of conflict are just normal now.

When you follow the method of this meditation, you clean up your mind. The result is a clean body and mind, and a happier person. I recommend this meditation to anyone who has ever walked around with something bothering them for days, weeks, or even longer…never truly going away. I testify that it is possible to get rid of that 1000-pound weight through this meditation.


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