A Story Of Pupa


A Story Of Pupa - Wisdom's Webzine


A pupa must choose

whether to stay as a pupa or to let itself go.

As ‘letting itself go’ means ‘death’, it’s a tough decision.

But if it sticks to being a pupa, a pupa itself will also dry up and disappear one day

Whether to stick to being itself

or to let go of the old shell…

A gallant pupa chooses ‘death’

and a new life is waiting for it.

At the moment of letting go of the old ‘self’, it is born again as a ‘new self’

as a truly beautiful creature, indeed.


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After the pupa is dead it is ‘born again’ as a butterfly,

and now there is only the life as a butterfly while all the days as a pupa have disappeared.

A new life; it’s the privilege only for those who let go of the ‘self’.


* Illustration by H  |  Story by J