A Workaholic Is Happy


A Workaholic Is Happy - Wisdom's Webzine

Have you heard of workaholics? They work all day long. They seem to double or even quadruple the work ordinary people do. In general, people feel tired when they work too much. However, workaholics rather enjoy it. Similarly, alcoholics get almost unaffected although they drink 10 times more than ordinary people do. Of course they would get drunk, but there tolerance is many times higher and they are ready to endure it. Workaholics have a high tolerance for working as well and enjoy work itself.

These days, we can often see people without hope living with frustration. If you have such a symptom, please read this carefully. There is an old saying, “there is no one lazy from the beginning. They merely have yet to find what they enjoy and like doing.” The reason why you feel lethargic in the life you live and easily become exhausted is because you don’t have passion in what you are doing. Either it’s not fun or you just despise working because you don’t have passion and tangible goals and are unaware of why you need to earn money and what you are living for.

If you want to enjoy your life and live happily, set your goal right now. It’s very simple. Think about the rewards you get from work. For instance, double your performance in 3 months by working very hard, or open up a branch next year by managing your business diligently. There must be a reward to yourself in order for you to work hard. We hear ‘set your goal’ so many times but only a few actually set a goal and work hard for it. So, those who are reading this now, why don’t you set up a detailed goal right now? It is giving yourself both a carrot and whip. Write it right now. ‘My dream is this and this, and I’ll definitely make it at such time.’ Once you precisely set it up like this, you just stepped into the world of workaholics.

Next, you always have to carve that goal into your mind, and put it into action. If you just set up a goal and work the same way you used to, you just wasted your time. Your behavior and action must change at least from the past and also increase the work load gradually. That means you have to become more diligent. Twice as diligent, three times as diligent, and so on… If you consistently practice it and become more diligent, then life overflows with vitality. Work very hard and always check yourself in the mirror. You’ll find yourself radiant and bright. Of course, the body would feel tired but your mind feels lighter and better. That’s why workaholics are happy. If you are leading a dull life with no joy in living, it is proof that you’re not working hard.

If you set your dream goal and start running towards it, not only do you clear that goal but also will you have a drive to accomplish something bigger eventually. The life is known to span around 70~80 years on average. Will you just lazily waste your short life? Let’s live a life full of vitality and brilliance, by doing something productive. Let’s all become happy workaholics now!