Deficiency Makes Me Successful


“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” These are the words Steve Jobs, a former C.E.O of Apple Inc., gave during his speech at Stanford University. A source of some reputable company also says they first recruit those who have overcome tough experiences in their life, such as being deprived or having very difficult times. What it means is that one needs to work hard in order to become successful and the most crucial element for working hard is deficiency. Suppose that you were born in a wealthy family. You wouldn’t try to work hard because you are already rich. When you lack something, you’ll work much harder than others do; thus, you are more likely to succeed.

People mostly feel shy and try to hide their complex. But what about feeling grateful for your deficiency, i.e. what you lack, rather than trying to hide it? Most successful people experienced enormous failure and lived in poverty or with a strong complex prior to their success. The aforementioned Steve Jobs was born of a single mother and adopted to some other family. These people thought they were lacking and thus, with greater ambition for success, worked 5~6 times harder than others to overcome that deficiency. For instance, if you run a restaurant and say that 20 people come daily on average. If you set a higher goal like “20 people are absurd. I’ll try hard until it reaches 40 on average,” then how you deal with this business will change. At the moment you make up your mind for 40 people, 20 wouldn’t be enough. You are in shortage of people. Due to this deficiency, you would work much harder, which directly relates to more success. Try to set a firm and high goal for what you’re doing. Someone said, “You lose the moment you get satisfied.”

Deficiency Makes Me Successful - Wisdom's WebzineBut, if you want to leave the world after living more diligently and doing much more work than others, you must change your goal and aim higher. The famous South Korean figure skater Yu-Na Kim is very successful. Since she was young, her dream was to win a gold medal at the Olympics. She already won gold 3 years ago at the Vancouver Olympics with a world record. She has already become a world star and achieved her highest goal in her life. However shortly after, overwhelming sorrow and slump came along. As she already accomplished her lifetime goal, she didn’t have a clue about what more to achieve. But she soon set her mind anew and changed her goal to enjoy her career as long as she could. She recently made a good result at the World Championships. Like Yu-na Kim, as soon as you think you already hit the top or you are already good enough, you lose purpose and your improvement ceases. That means, we should never be satisfied and continue trying and working for a better, higher goal. Then wouldn’t you become successful and enjoy working no matter what?

Look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself: What am I lacking now? What do I want to achieve now? Let’s always push ourselves and be hungry for more. Although it seems you are not that well off now, you’ll grow quickly in just a few years after that push. At least you’ll be able to live much better.