I Felt Lighter And Free From Stress

Michelle / Office Administrator, Dallas

When I first started this meditation, I was a little skeptical.  My husband began this meditation about 5 years ago.  I waited about a year and half before I began. I had doubts and questions like everyone else about anything new because it was so new and different from anything I had done before. Once I started however, I immediately noticed something different in my life. My health started to improve drastically, I slept better throughout the night, and I didn’t have the same daily burdens that I usually had. I felt lighter and free from stress, and I started to gain much more wisdom and knowledge through this meditation. After emptying my mind and cleansing my body of pictures and false illusions, I saw the true universe as it is and really began experiencing the truth of the world.

I Felt Lighter And Free From Stress - Wisdom's Webzine

Everything around me was all false because my mind created that false illusion. I realized I had been living in my own world and my own movie and I was producing it. The world became so much brighter and my outlook on life became clearer and more focused as I kept going in this meditation, completing seven levels so far. I am much more appreciative to the universe and I feel I am complete in this world. The world is not cluttered or confusing anymore.  I know releasing my pictures and hell world have made my false illusions disappear. My world and my life are more peaceful since I started this practice and I plan to share this with everyone I meet.  Thank you!


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