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Rod / Business Manager, Las Vegas NV


It is always the last key that unlocks the door.

In the last few years a number of personal tragedies unfolded in my life that I was not prepared to handle. In a very short time the death of family members, the collapse of a 25 year marriage and the distancing away from my sons drove me to the eternal questions of life, truth and reality.

The mental strain resulted in immediate health problems, including osteoarthritis (both hips being replaced), high blood pressure, weight gain and mental depression. After over burdening my friends with my tale of woe, even I was getting tired of hearing this sorrow over and over, I woke up to the fact that you cannot change the world to fit your situation and that it would be better to change myself to fit the world.

The search began with books and philosophies, yoga and exercise, church, New Age/Old Age, and a weekly study group on Science of the Mind. All of it kept me occupied and moving, but not satisfied. One weekend a friend returned from this meditation study and gave me a book to read on it.

The book was World Beyond World, it was the method of this meditation and looking back to that time it was the final key to unlock the door. After reading the book I contacted a local center and began a process of renewing this life.

I have been practicing this meditation for a year now. I wish I could find the words to connect with the meaning it has in my life.

In simplicity, it is all about the Truth. It is all about whom we are and where we are going. It let me discover who I am, how I exist, and how I relate to and interact with others. This meditation method did not care how old I was, what religion or faith I had or where else my journey had taken me. I was seeking answers and this method was letting me confirm to myself the Truth.

My life has taken a most dramatic turn away from all the falseness that we have to face daily. And it became something that you cannot keep to yourself. It is a simple method for all of us to truthfully work together. I am most grateful for this meditation and wish the same for everyone.

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