The Best Job In The World


Thousands of different kinds of jobs are available in the world. But how many people would actually be satisfied with their job? According to U.S. News, America’s best jobs of 2013 are mostly chosen from so-called ‘high-end’ jobs, including dentists, registered nurses, pharmacists and computer system analysts. The result is obtained from taking into account such factors as salaries, rates of employment and stress levels. However, the Happy Planet Index of 2012, the happiness index considering citizens’ well-being and environmental factors, gave the top three countries as follows; Costa Rica, Vietnam and Colombia. We can see ‘happy countries’ are rather unfamiliar with ‘best jobs’ we regard. It directly shows that people are neither ‘happy’ nor satisfied even if they have good jobs. Wouldn’t it be because they have an unhappy mind?

Since long ago, it has been endlessly said to cleanse or empty your mind: Live with an empty mind. Obviously, if you do not have that unhappy mind, your mind would be happiness itself. Looking around the world, so many creatures live happily without of mind. Each of them just carries out their assigned job. Among billions of happy creatures, let us have a close look at the life of ants. In an ant colony, there are queen ants, male ants, warrior ants, and worker ants. They are naturally assigned with jobs upon birth. And until the last day of their life, they diligently do their job. Worker ants never covet queen ants and male ants never envy warrior ants. They just do their best in what they are assigned to do. There is not even a standard about jobs, i.e. the superior and the inferior. They faithfully fulfill their roles for the kingdom. But it doesn’t mean that they selfishly live their individual life. They live as one, as a community. When they are needed to cooperate, they show tremendous team work that no other being in the world could follow. No matter how big food is, they successfully deliver it by working together as one. Their team work must be the world best as such insignificant creatures can even kill an elephant. Likewise, they unite when they have to unite and diligently work alone when they have to work alone.

The Best Job In The World - Wisdom's WebzineWhat would happen if the ant colony had the human mind? It’s creepy even to imagine. Worker ants would hatch all kinds of wicked plots to become queen ants, and short-lived male ants would take everything into account just to lengthen their lifespan. Furthermore, if warrior ants are not fond of others, they will harass and in the worst case, kill them. It would only be a matter of time before the ant colony broke down.

We, humans, have human mind; even though we have been assigned a job, we surely cannot be grateful for that and we only want to go higher and higher, envious of those above us. Isn’t the creature called ants already living a life of completeness that humans couldn’t yet achieve? They devote their being and only do the assigned job for their kingdom until their last days. It is certainly possible maybe because the ants do not have the individual minds of humans. In our human colony, there are so many people and so many roles. If we break the stereotype of work we have and throw away the human mind, we will also accept our assigned job and faithfully do it. Then the world can become only happier. Everyone would silently work diligently without complaining and blaming. It would not be the world of competition where one must step on another, but the world of oneness where everyone lives with one mind, cooperates and helps each other for the betterment of others. There would be days of never-ending laughter.

Does the method of throwing away the human mind to become the world’s mind already exist in the world? Is it what you think right now? Well, yes. The method already exists in the world. While you were looking elsewhere, the method came to the world. And through that method, the people in the world gradually opened up their eyes to the world and started to live the life of completeness. That method is the method of subtraction. It is subtracting that human mind that cannot be happy. If that mind no longer exists, only the mind of the world exists as it is. Everyone will then live with one mind. At least from now on, let’s come to our senses and subtract the human mind. Let’s become a ‘wise’ person devoting the whole of the self for the world.