Courage To Start Over Is Needed If You Have Been Wrong


This is a real story of a writer. 5 years ago, my friends and I took a road trip from Atlanta, Georgia to Orlando, Florida. It was a long-distance drive of about 8 hours. We departed at 11 at night as we had to depart after work. Our plan was to get to Orlando driving overnight. I was the first to drive and my friend would take over later. I only drove for 4 hours. But then I realized I was driving in the wrong direction, and not to Orlando, because I took the wrong highway. All the other guys were sleeping and I was extremely embarrassed. I stopped at a gas station to check it once more and I found out that I had to drive all the way back to the point where I took the wrong way to get to our original destination. I was so upset and told my friends, “Let’s give up this trip. We have to drive back 4 hours and then 8 hours more. I don’t thinks it’s a day for us. Let’s take it next time.” One of my friends consoled me, “such things happen so many times in life. Why would you give up? If you took the wrong way, you need courage to go back and get to where you are supposed to go. Let’s try it this time.” So, we drove back for 4 hours and again to Orlando for 8 hours. It took 16 hours for an eight hour trip.

Courage To Start Over Is Needed If You Have Been Wrong - Wisdom's WebzineAs my friend said, we have many moments that we suddenly realize that the way we have been going was not the right path. However, in most of the cases, people don’t readily admit their fault and continue on for their pride. For instance, when starting up something new, many people are obstinate and continue forward even if it is wrong. In this case, they will be at a standstill even after many years have passed and even farther from their destination. You can take the road to success most efficiently with the correct method. But if you are persistent with your incorrect path or method, you are obviously farther from success.

You need to reexamine whether the way you have been doing is right if the results didn’t turn out as you wish. It might apply to your business or the relationships you have with others. Why don’t you read some books about the secret of so-called successful people in society? They share their experiences of success. If you can follow them exactly in practice, you also can become successful, either in business or in relationships. However, those with arrogance and strong pride only stick to their way, which eventually leads them to failure in many cases. It is said that imitation teaches creation. If there is a case of a successful person, you need some courage to let go of your way that hasn’t led you to success and proceed with the working one. Shouldn’t you let go of your way right now if it’s not the way for success, even if you have had it for years or even decades? In order to do well from this point you should take the correct path. It is actually the shortcut to success.

Like the writer’s experience shared in the beginning, when you realize the way you are going is wrong, you might fall into a slump or despair. However, let’s not stay there but set our mind anew and courageously start all over again. Most of the successful people say they have experienced failure that became the solid foundation for their success. A little child might burn his finger on a boiling pot. Although he might cry out in pain, he would learn not to touch it again. Likewise, anyone might make mistakes, take the wrong way, or experience failure but he can learn from his mistakes and failures in order to walk along the proper path.

Don’t be frustrated by the things not working out as you wish. If there is anyone who has succeeded in what you’re doing, be brave, put down your pride and ask them for advice. Take up as many as you can from the books and lectures by these people to learn and get used to the way for success. It will soon become your strategy.  Then, you will remain as a successful person in your profession.