Detoxification Juice


Toxins accumulated in our body are usually the main cause of diseases, and can also lead to psychological symptoms, such as depression and lethargy.

Today, I’ll introduce to you an easy-to-make ‘detox juice’. It is a good supplement for meals and also good to have between meals.

Little biology lies behind this juice. That is, only 5% of the nutrients are absorbed in the body when taking fresh vegetables, whereas 90% remain in the body when boiled or squeezed. According to the theory, antioxidants, anti-cancer substances and fibers from vegetables can be absorbed by the body at least 18 times more when eating them boiled or squeezed. (When boiling, vitamin C is destroyed to some extent.)

As it keeps body alkaline, it protects the body from many diseases. Instant food and stress are the main culprits of increasing body acidity.

Although you eat healthy food, stress in your mind makes your body acidic. Always keep in your mind that the fundamental cure is to eliminate toxin of the mind.


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Cabbages: Control active oxygen

Broccolis: Anti-cancer effect, prevention of colorectal cancer

Tomatoes: Anti-oxidation, fatigue recovery, curing high blood pressure

Carrots: Anti-oxidation, Anti-cancer effect

Apples: Removing cholesterol

Bananas: Curing constipation



How To Make

1.     Slice all the ingredients in small pieces.

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2.     Pour water just to cover the vegetables and boil them for 10 minutes (add tomatoes later)

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Do not boil apples and bananas.

3.     Put boiled vegetables and fruits in a blender. Blend them. (Put the water from boiling vegetables, too.)

Detoxification Juice - Wisdom's Webzine

4.     It’s done!

Detoxification Juice - Wisdom's Webzine


How To Drink

Drink a glass 30 minutes before meal, twice a day.

When drinking it for replacement of meals, it effectively helps you lose weight.