Enjoy Paintings With Heart (Doo Won Lee)


Doo Won Lee’s paintings are unique. It’s almost impossible to grasp real meanings and truly appreciate them without the titles. You can easily see he paints and names them really ‘as they are’. Would such paintings exist elsewhere in the world? Unlike many other art works that convey profound intentions of artists and frequently confuse audiences with titles of dual/ternary meanings, Lee’s works are really simple.

Enjoy Paintings With Heart (Doo Won Lee) - Wisdom's WebzineA Pianist Playing the Piano Like a Butterfly Tapping o n a Flower

Enjoy Paintings With Heart (Doo Won Lee) - Wisdom's WebzineAn Old Astronomer’s Night Sky Jewelry-Hunt Game

The titles are more like ‘explanations’ about his paintings than titles. However, the explanations are mostly very poetic and extensively help audiences appreciate the paintings. You can even feel the artist’s consideration that he hopes his audiences read his paintings of ‘heart’ with their ‘heart.’

Doo Won Lee actually elaborates his stories from each painting rather too much when he explains his artworks. He continues his explanation until his messages are successfully delivered. He never gets exhausted. Eventually, most of the people are touched by his passion and so they want to see his paintings again and again and many seek to own them. I witnessed the moments his innocence disarms everyone many times. His innocent mind is utterly filled in each of his paintings.

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Rediscovery of Jewelry a Flying Bird Nips on a Mirror

 Wisdom's Webzine

Hey Elephant, I Came Up Here to Pick Jewelry on Your Ear

Wisdom's WebzineHuge Waves on a Clear Day

Art is never something difficult. I believe that art should not be a difficult genre. The role of art is expression of one’s mind, a kind of game and communion of relaying the expression. In that sense, Lee’s paintings are a good instrument to learn to see paintings with one’s heart. Well, let’s open our mind and practice a bit more.

Wisdom's WebzineA Dog Flea Failed Concealing and Hiding

Wisdom's WebzineA Bout of Jewelry-Hunting Diving in a Bathtub


Wit and humor are everywhere like colorful colors everywhere in Doo Won Lee’s paintings. If you are ‘just’ simply enjoying them like the simple titles, you are already artistic.

Well, now, it’s the last step. Give a well-suited title for a painting below.

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If you see it in absence of the ‘self’, your mind becomes one with everything – the mind of the artist and the characters in the painting also. It’s today’s homework to figure out the title.


Paintings – Doo Won Lee