Fly Away Home – For The Most Precious Existence


Fly Away Home – For The Most Precious Existence - Wisdom's Webzine

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Fly away home (1996)

Directed by Carroll Ballard Written by Bill Lishman, Robert Rodat, Vince McKewin

A thirteen-year-old girl Amy lost her mom from a car accident and, one day, she discovered sixteen baby geese without their mom and roost.

The sixteen baby geese lost their mom even before their eggs hatched. They intuitively recognized Amy as their mother and followed her actions as Amy was the first they saw when they opened their eyes. They soon had to move to a warm habitat in preparation for the coming winter. But it was only their “mom” Amy who can teach them to fly. Amy’s dad made a small plane for her and she taught the geese to fly. Having practiced day by day, their flight finally began. After a few tribulations, all of them safely arrived at a new habitat. In the following spring, all the geese returned to Amy: to their mom whom they saw the very first moment they opened their eyes in the world, and is therefore the whole world to them.


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Fly Away Home – For The Most Precious Existence - Wisdom's Webzine

© 2013 Sony Pictures Digital Productions Inc.

The little girl was able to forget about the pain of losing her mother that would had otherwise not be ameliorated so quickly, because the baby geese were found in a similar situation. The moment she decided to save the little geese sans mom, her pain disappeared. Amy’s mind became occupied with a single thought: to save their lives. With her care and sincerity, the geese hatched successfully and opened their eyes to the world, recognizing Amy as their mom. The baby geese followed the only mom they knew and never left her.

To Amy who had lost her mom, the geese became the existence that allowed her to let go of her pain. Like little kids who follow their mom, the baby geese flew in a line behind a plane Amy was piloting by remote control – They followed their mom as she guided them.

The effort Amy put in to save the little geese seems limitless and endless. Maybe because she laid herself down and even the pain she had, she was able to selflessly devote everything of her for some other precious beings. That’s how Amy could have been freed of her hindrances and limits that she might have had in her own frame. Thinking only about one thing, she was able to act with all her heart. As a result, she could save the baby geese. Amy’s sincere heart and passion for saving precious lives was actually the way to save her.

Now is the time everyone must find their “most precious existence.” So far, you might have been the most precious in your mind and so you lived only for yourself. As a result, you might be left with feelings of bitterness and burdens in your mind. However, it is now the time for you to commit yourself to discover the living existence that is the most precious. You need to save that existence. The moment your mind becomes truthful with all your heart and passion for the most precious being, it will become a way to truly save you, because you can escape from yourself and discover true freedom.