Finding New Sensation From A Flash Mob



It is an ordinary train station where people busily come and go. All of a sudden, music plays and an ordinary looking person starts dancing. He does not worry about others staring and enthusiastically dances. Others join in and soon many people are performing a choreographed routine. It is how famous flash mobs on YouTube began. Flash mobs have caused excitement around the world. Why are they gaining popularity? Please watch this video clip and see for yourself. There are several reasons for its popularity but the biggest reason would be the sudden joy and energy that appears out of nowhere and the crowd becomes one with one another cheerfully enjoying their dance. All they needed was a melody and some simple dance moves.

Finding New Sensation From A Flash Mob - Wisdom's WebzineHundreds of unique flash mobs have already been uploaded on YouTube. Among them, a 2009 Belgian flash mob known as Do Re Mi has been original and inspiring. There was the Do Re Mi song from Sound of Music that we excitedly sang along with during childhood. In this video clip, a man starts some dance moves choreographed with the Do Re Mi song and this quickly spreads to other people, and in the end those many people who filled the station are brought back to the innocence of childhood, singing with one voice and dancing together. I felt joy when watching the clip and couldn’t stop smiling.

Just minutes before, many random people pass by each other without paying any attention but as the music plays, they all joyfully dance in sync and laugh together. The once-dreary train station is now full of laughter and all the strangers become one and dance hand in hand. In this moment the individual mind everyone was trapped in breaks down and they can exist together as one! Isn’t it thrilling just to think about this exciting moment?

Flash mobs have proved that everyone can become one and enjoy the moment together without having to be perfect or using sophisticated techniques. That’s why flash mobs are causing this new sensation around the world. In today’s cold society, individualism is rampant – people care only for their own interests and build up walls around them; we apathetically pass by others whom we have no “relations” with. We are stuck in a rut in today’s tough society believing that this is how we have to live. Nevertheless, we might have already been yearning for a beautiful world where all people harmonize cheerfully without walls between us.

What would be the new sensation that we need now? Let’s find it within ourselves, not anywhere else. Wouldn’t it be truly a joyful world if we could live harmoniously as one by tearing down the walls erected from scars left by people, and throwing away the distrust between each other and rigidly formed fixed ideas? The new sensation to completely throw all of these away and be born again as the true self is already present here with us and much closer than you think.

Finding New Sensation From A Flash Mob - Wisdom's Webzine


We just need a new sensation!