Bring A New Sensation To The Life ‘Movie: Wreck-It Ralph’


Bring A New Sensation To The Life 'Movie: Wreck-It Ralph' - Wisdom's Webzine


Disney’s ambitious new film released last year: Wreck-It Ralph was their biggest hit in a long while. Ralph always plays a villain in a video game called Fix-It Felix. One day, he feels doubt about his ever-villain-role. He jumps into another game to win a medal to be loved as a hero. The animation is based on this arcade game as a motif.

Ralph bets his life to win a medal so as to receive recognition. He believes that everyone would love him as a hero if he brings a medal with him. He accidently meets a little girl, Vanellope von Schweetz from Sugar Rush. This accidental event changes Ralph’s belief and values. As Vanellope is in a similar situation because she isn’t recognized from anywhere and always bullied, they become quick friends. They become closer and the girl changes Ralph, who only wanted to be beloved because he hated so much to be treated as a villain. It is evident in the later scenes that Ralph thinks it doesn’t matter if he is called a villain and he no longer becomes attached to winning a medal and devotes himself solely to save the girl in danger. Seeing Ralph in the beginning – hating himself so much and always complaining about his role as a villain and his circumstances, he is rather similar to modern people living in these days.

How many people in the world would truly appreciate their current circumstance? It is very rare to see people enjoy and appreciate their life. Most of them would have complaints about their job, circumstances or environment, just like Ralph in this film. However, toward the end of the film, Ralph realizes that a villain is the most suitable job for him and works for it truly joyfully. People believe they would be happier if they could have a better job or live in a better environment, hoping for some changes to their life. But actually, we can see that those in better environment and with better job also yearn for another life or complain about their life. Indeed, the problem is not somewhere outside. Like Ralph, he introspected and finally changed his mindset through his adventures. The problem wasn’t his role as a villain but his mind and his complaints about his life. He let go of that self and changed his mindset to that of loving life. He eventually leads a happy life of loving his job but not as a villain anymore.

Likewise, the problem that you have now is not your job or environment but your mind. Why don’t you let go of the self who is dissatisfied with your job and has negative thoughts? You need to become a positive and humble person who truly feels grateful for everything. Simply, you need a new sensation for your life.

Like the refreshing spring in April, let’s let go of all of our complaints and problems, love what we do, and live with gratitude for the circumstances given to us.