Ringing The World Wholeheartedly

Maria Aragon is a heroin as a 2011 YouTube sensation. This ten-year-old girl sings Lady Gaga’s 2011 single, Born This Way in front of the keyboard. Dozens of covers are uploaded each day, but among the countless many, Aragon’s cover caught the attention of Lady Gaga. Gaga shared a link on her Twitter that has more than 8 million followers. Aragon’s cover recorded more than 8 million views in 5 days and more than 55 million views up until now. She was invited to do a duet on stage with the superstar Lady Gaga in Toronto, which was held 3 weeks later. More than 20,000 people in the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Since then, she has been continuously receiving passionate love.

How could this young lady have caused such a hot sensation? Maria Aragon is Filipino Canadian. Before she was born, her family migrated to Winnipeg, Canada. She was the only family member who was born in Canada. As a little girl, she was confused about her identity to some degree. To answer the question which identity she thinks she has, Maria proudly answered, “Well, I’m Canadian because I was born here. But I was raised by Filipino parents, so I guess I’m both.” She then sang Born This Way with all of her heart. In spite of not appearing to be Canadian, she overcame her ‘differences’ and successfully integrated into society. She could sing a song with her ardent heart and fervently deliver its true message.

Was it because her heart truly touched Lady Gaga? Gaga just loves her so much. She shared Aragon’s cover on her Twitter with a tweet ‘Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.’ After a duet performance at her concert, she once again expressed her love for Aragon with tears in her eyes. “If I could just touch one person, that’s enough. She made me all nervous because she’s such a superstar.” If one person could be sincerely touched, that would be more than enough to touch the whole world. One person could truthfully deliver her heart to another in a mere-five-minute song because her sincerity was in her singing throughout the entire song. Maria Aragon sings with her whole heart verse by verse: she deserves to have caused such a sensation.

Maria Aragon was also invited to the Ellen show. Ellen asked her, “Why did you choose to do that song?” Answered Maria, “Well, because of the meaning of the song. It’s a really great meaning, it’s about just being yourself because God made you who you are and you’re no different than anybody else.” These are meaningful words from a ten-year-old girl! Precisely knowing the message of the song, she sang with the passion for singing and the sincerity from what she had actually experienced.

Since then, Aragon is still a growing sensation: singing the national anthem for various Canadian events, including Canada Day 2011, and creating an official website. Since the cover she innocently and truthfully sang as a fan of a super star, she has been receiving love from the world. Likewise, if you do something with the whole of your heart, no matter what it is, you could surely touch and move the world. Even though Maria Aragon is a young girl, her voice touched her idol and the world. I truly encourage and applaud the Aragon sensation.