Valentine’s Day In April

Does Valentine’s Day in April sound weird? During the fresh days of April, I am as happy as a person falling in love. I now believe there is also a Valentine’s Day in April.

What kind of life are you leading now? Are you happy? Are you energetic? Are you just like the beautiful spring with a fresh start where everything rises again and flowers bloom? Or is your mind still as cold as a freezing winter? Aren’t you happy now? To be happy, your mind should first be happy. I am so happy because I did this meditation. This meditation made me completely free from my mind’s pain and stress. That’s why I am happy everyday like a person falling in love. I am talking about the conventional love between male and female. But because I have no pain and stress in my mind, there are only happy and sweet days.

Valentine's Day In April - Wisdom's Webzine

In the past, I was lonely and couldn’t enjoy my life even though I had someone I loved. However, I am no longer lonely but happy all the time even without a girlfriend. Have you ever experienced this freedom? As the title says, I am having Valentine’s Day every day. Laughing never ends and my days are as sweet as chocolate. You don’t have to be happy only when certain conditions arise. But upon eliminating the pain and stress in your mind, you can become unconditionally happy. Simply, there was no one so far who taught us how. I am so happy now in April and my only hope is that everyone could become as happy as I am. Go out and indulge yourself with the beauty of the world. If there was paradise in the world, wouldn’t here be the paradise? Flowers dance and birds sing. I am happy without wanting to possess something more like money or fame. I see and appreciate the nature as it is. I am such a lucky guy. To those who feel distressed and depressed right at this moment, I would like to warmly say “let’s become happy together by throwing it away.”

The April’s Valentine’s Days go well with joy and happy mind. If you are not happy in such a beautiful season, on such beautiful days, do not hesitate to find this meditation. The solution is not far away.

When my mind becomes one with this fresh spring and nature by subtracting the pain and stress from my mind, I am always happy although I possess nothing. Because I have no expectation, I have no pain. I just become one with the nature and live by nature’s flow. Therefore, I am a very happy person.

Why don’t you make your April as sweet as Valentine’s Day? Learn how to throw away the pain and stress from your mind. You don’t know what it is unless you try.