The Time Of Subtraction When Man Can Fulfill Human Completion Has Begun


Man is born with a mind that wants to possess, so he seeks satisfaction and happiness through possession. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, he cannot be satisfied or happy.

All greed arises from his mind of inferiority and when he is not able to have or achieve what he wants, this turns into feelings of regret and bitterness. Only when he discards this, will those feelings of regret and bitterness truly disappear.

Until now, man has lived trying to possess what he can because of his mind that wants to make everything his. At present, this is the way all people live.

The world is in a state of instability, people have lost their trust in each other and they live struggling to appease their feelings of inferiority; in this age, rather than learning how to possess, learning to not possess is the way to become complete and the way to live a better life. This is because instead of just thinking that we must discard money in our minds, we will be able to carry it out into action.

A mind full of greed is always anguished; and a life lived following one’s anguish is without action; it is a life with thoughts leading only to more thoughts.

If the past was the age of adding to one’s mind, now the age of subtracting what is in his mind has begun. One who subtracts his mind in this time will recover his original nature; consequently, the whole human race will become one and the world will become complete because everyone will live for others and the world.

Human completion is becoming God’s mind by subtracting all of one’s own mind. One will then be able to live well for he will have wisdom and his mind that is the Soul and Spirit will live eternally.

Subtracting all human mind – all the mind one has, that he has “eaten” – is completion.

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