I Used To Rarely Smile. Now It Is Hard Not To Smile


"I Used To Rarely Smile. Now It Is Hard Not To Smile." - Wisdom's Webzine


Rosalyn Hill(60)/ Retired Middle School Teacher/ Oakland, CA

I spent at least 30 years as a seeker of Truth and was disappointed by so many self-help strategies, all of which had promised to be life changing. Since my life had remained basically the same after trying these different methods, when I found this meditation brochure I feared that I might be let down again, but I found the idea of subtracting memories I have stored as pictures to be both intriguing and promising.

The process was clear and simple to follow. After only 21 days of this meditation I had an enlightenment that was more profound than anything I had imagined during the 30 years I spent as a seeker. My outlook on life changed completely. It has been a year now and after each session I feel like layers of dirty film have been removed. The world looks clear and bright and there is calmness.

I no longer feel defined by the roles that I identified with: wife, mother, daughter, etc. As an African-American female, I felt like a victim and obligated to defend and represent the entire race. Now, I no longer define others by their race; I have compassion for all people. Before, I scrutinized and judged everything I observed others doing. This habitual judging sapped me of energy.

Now, I don’t need as much sleep and I feel peaceful inside. I can see clearly that my negative judgments were reflected back to me through others. When I have negative thoughts now, I can subtract them and realize that the Universe is pointing out pictures that I still need to discard.

I used to rarely smile. Now it is hard not to smile. Thanks to this meditation, I am visibly happier, my body feels lighter, and I have much more energy. Instead of creating a make believe world, I am learning to live in the real world, the world that is perfect as it is.

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