The Generation Of Subtraction, Make An Action For “Abandonment”


Make An Action For "Abandonment"

The generation of subtraction has come: the generation that is beautiful where I live for others and everyone coexists; the generation that everyone is at utmost ease and comfort; the generation that we have been dreaming for and describing with movies and books; the generation of the “great affection” the whole world and the entire mankind has been longing for.

It is the generation of subtracting the human mind that has accumulated through addition so far. And at this moment, a sensation to let people know that such a generation has come is being spread throughout the world.

The generation that anyone can live happily at ease would eventually come true when everyone truly makes an action for “abandonment.”

* Join a Sensation *

There is now a sensation throughout the world. Everyone truly craves for “healing.” The method of “subtraction” is a real healing method and a solution for everyone. It is actualized when the Truth remains after having gotten rid of the”self” through the method of subtraction. Then, one can live a life of the truth following natural law and with a universe mind that is the biggest and broadest. It is now possible because we have the method.

It is the method where anyone can be born again as a true person of the world, who is the most earnest, beautiful and free. The very first step for “abandonment” would be to practice the method of “subtraction” right at this moment.

* Be There for Others Instead of Yourself *

We often say it but it’s not as easy as expected to live for others. I have cherished myself and lived only for myself so I naturally worry about myself first and it might have become a habit to think only about myself. Let’s subtract such a self from everything. Rather than following my opinions, plans and belief, listen to others’ words, respect and follow them. If there is a thought that I have had; such as “I guess that’s wrong… it would be better in this way…,” let’s carefully subtract such a self and just accept, embrace and trust others.

From time to time, disagreement and never-ending thoughts might come up. Nevertheless, the moment I take away the self completely and trust others who are the world, the solid mind that I regarded “me” might instantly melt away.

* Earnestly, Sincerely *

There is a saying that sincerity reaches the sky. Why don’t we sincerely, earnestly and truly abandon the self, let it go and return our self to the world for the world?

It is the world that made my original self, exist. It is also the world that made me live. I return myself to the world for the world and that is the reason for my existence. When I cherish and love the world more than I do, myself, and when my heart is earnest and truthful, the false “me” will disappear and the true world and true self will remain.

After “abandonment,” the eternal coexistence is waiting for us: the generation that human, nature and the universe become one and in which human lives the life of heaven that is the truth. It must be exciting and joyful to “abandon” for everyone who is meeting this method in such a beautiful generation.