This Meditation Is Showing Me The Path To The Truth

“Meditation Is Showing Me The Path To The Truth” - Wisdom's Webzine

Maria Klein(28)/ Preschool Teacher/ Berkeley, CA

I used to dread walking to and from work. I was practically at work in my mind already and would get stressed out about the day before it even started. When leaving work, I would think about what I needed to get done next or play back the day in my mind and analyze myself. Rarely was I able to just enjoy the moment. At home after a day of teaching preschool, I would plop down on the couch, watch television, eat some dinner and go to bed. I had little energy to do much more than that. And although I live far away from my family I was still stressed whenever I spoke to my parents.

Since I started this meditation so much has changed for me. The relationships with my family and friends have greatly improved. Before I always felt I was being judged or I was judging them by the smallest things that were said. Even if I tried not to, my mind just did it. Now, I am able to see how wonderful both my parents are and I have very enjoyable conversations with them. Relationships with my friends have become much simpler and enjoyable as well.

My constant seeking for spiritual answers and ways to live better has ceased. I’ve realized we don’t need to add or gain anything to understand the true nature of the Universe. We have accumulated so much garbage in our minds which makes us feel heavy with a consistent yearning to feel better, but I have realized that subtraction is truly the most effective answer.

I am so grateful to this meditation as it is showing me the path to the Truth. This meditation method is very simple and perfect as it is. Anyone who is willing can do this meditation. Let’s live together as one by subtracting the self-centered mind.


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