My Way Of Thinking Has Changed From Night To Day


"My Way Of Thinking Has Changed From Night To Day" - Wisdom's Webzine


Veronica / Sales / Torrance, CA

I was always seeking for happiness outside of myself through books, people, religion, etc. but was never able to find it totally. Something was missing all the time. Sometimes I would feel disappointed, stressed, sad most of the time, wondering why and feeling sorry for myself. But one day, while I was at the public library I saw a brochure about this meditation, so I decided to call to find more information about it. After watching the video and talking to a helper, I decided to give it a try, even though I felt a little bit skeptical. I didn’t really understand how subtracting pictures from my mind would change my life.

The first two weeks of meditating almost every day were very intense. I had never thought about the quantity of pictures I had along with all the feelings that came with them, and then little by little, I started to realize that everything in my mind was fake. I was trapped in my mind world, a dead world! I started looking at the world in a different way. It’s like I had been living life with my eyes closed and all of a sudden opening them. I take this meditation as part of my life just like my body needs food to stay alive, the same way I need this meditation.

This first level helped me to understand that I am the universe, as well as my surroundings. It was something, that before this meditation, I had no idea about because I was living my life thinking that the universe and I were two totally different things. My way of thinking has changed from night to day. I look forward to continuing on to the next levels until I complete them all. I want to be reborn! I am so grateful to this meditation.

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