Why Do Flash Mobs Inspire Us?


In the busy crowd, music begins to play. Some people look around to figure out what’s happening, some are surprised, and some give a weird look. People join the performance one by one from among those in the big crowd. Then, those who are curious express smiles, inspiration and innocence.

Flash mobs first began with a marketing purpose. As a word ‘flash mob’ suggests, it refers to an action that many anonymous people gather at a predetermined place and time, participate in some organized action – usually unique and unusual – and scatter instantly as if nothing happened. It is an act for fun, advertisement or art, and its type and size also vary.

(At flash mobs at Copenhagen Metro, Westbahnhof Wien and a supermarket, they play music with instruments.)

We only live looking bleakly forward. These flash mobs warmly inspire us, giving us serene smiles and melting our frozen hearts. These days when the human nature is lost – the generation when depression, alienation, pain and hostility are too excessive –such surprising flash mobs give us a thought that hope is not completely gone from mankind.

Then, why are flash mobs moving our heart so much?

People feel lonely and live in pain. We always thought about our own problems, own happenings, own worries and pain. Have you ever considered the world first, not yourself? Have you had a room for others in your mind at all?

Why Do Flash Mobs Inspire Us? - Wisdom's Webzine

The reason why flash mobs inspire us would probably be because they deliver the sincere mind of hoping others to be soothed and happy one by one because of an impromptu show. The moment that earnest mind reaches an exhausting and sharply closed mind – the moment we realize that we are not alone but the world is always with us– in that short moment, such a cold mind instantly melts down.

You hide in a crowd as if you are also one of the strangers and when the time comes, you surprise everyone and offer your sincerity. At that moment, the mind of thinking for the world and not yourself touches others and further becomes a motivation for others to change.

To conclude, we might have tasted the ideal world everyone dreams for and the world that everyone lives as one with affection for the world in that short moment. We might have forgotten about the world that we truly live for others and everyone is one so that no one is abandoned: a good world to live. However, the lost hope for such a good world can be revived.

In order for such a world to come to fruition, we need to throw away the mind that each one of us has, i.e. “the self,” and recover our true nature. It would be possible only when we return to the existence of Truth that is originally one. What we need to do first is to throw away the false “self” that has been living only for the “self”: it is what we need to do right now.