Did Your Life Pile Up And Become Many Minds Of Burdens? Time To Let Them Go!


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Have you ever made up your mind to cut your hair that you have been growing for over a year? It feels so much lighter and refreshing once you actually have a haircut and overcome the hesitation. It might change your mood, too. Likewise, how about cutting old piles of stuff and baggage off from our minds, just like having a haircut?

We barely remove old stuff because of the reminiscence, money value, or potential usage in the future. Eventually, they become “unwanted guests” of the house. Even before starting to throw away some stuff, we tend to put it off as we are unsure about what to throw away first. Some people are surely good at organizing and throwing away unnecessary stuff but most of the people give up organizing and because they continuously add, their aggregated burdens become a problem in their life.

Moreover, we live being jammed in a complicated and confusing space that we have actually constructed by ourselves. We unintentionally receive stress from stuff that is being accumulated untidily and messily at home. On the other hand, we feel stable in a tidy and clean space. If we dust all around the house just like clearing the dirt away from our mind, it would be even better.

As a part of spring cleaning, why don’t you take out the accumulation of old stuff from around your house and throw them away? Then, your home atmosphere, as well as the family ambience would completely change. Start cleaning up from small things, like a wallet and bags, or small spaces, like desks and closets, right now. You might get the solution for your exhausting life by clearing away so many things you have been bearing. Furthermore, we might lessen the burden for the devastated Earth.

Simple Tips for Tidying Up

–                    Sort stuff in similar categories.

Ex) Ceramic dishware, T-shirts, etc.

–                    Be brave and throw away stuff that you have not been using and keeping for years; especially, clothes and stuff that you hesitated to pick due to discomfort.

–                    NO more storage tools.

According to a cleaning expert, you barely think of taking out stuff from storage if you store them in some tools to reduce volumes or hide them. Although you take them out, you easily get stressed from thinking how to store them again. To tidy up successfully means you will have fewer things, but you will use what you have diversely.