This Meditation Is The Fundamental Solution To Achieving World Peace (Part I)


Master Woo Myung has caused a global sensation with his latest book listed on Amazon’s Bestseller of the Year, as one of the first independent Korean authors. He is also the Great Master that is bringing about a global sensation.

Since master Woo Myung founded this meditation in 1996, he has been involved in writing and lecturing throughout the world in order for people to retrospect the inside and recover the original nature, and to further actualize world peace through the method of this meditation.

The ex-chairman of IAEWP, Dr. Charles Mercieca, ensured that this meditation was the real solution to world peace.


Meditation Is The Fundamental Solution To Achieving World Peace (Part I)

Last autumn of 2011, the two maestros reunited and had a conversation about human completion and world peace. Master Woo Myung suggested precise answers to the questions Dr. Mercieca asked about actualizing world peace, and emphasized that human beings can recover their original nature and achieve completion by becoming one, through the method of this meditation.

Dr. Mercieca expressed his astonishment about the development that this meditation has made over the period of 9 years. It has been growing exponentially and currently, about 340 local centers are in operation all over the world. Master Woo Myung responded “many people have actually enlightened to the truth and become complete” and “completion is to be born in the world of the truth and to not die forever. This meditation is a total education for accomplishing human completion.”

Moreover, Dr. Mercieca expressed his admiration for master Woo Myung whom he regarded as “a true leader and master”. Master Woo Myung continues to travel around the world to give lectures diligently only for the people of the world even though he has already accomplished big achievements. He then responded “what meaning and purpose would there be to let people know about me? It is important to make people true butI am not interested in my own reputation.”He showed passion and sincerity as a master who awakens people to the truth.

Dr. Mercieca referred to a Roman philosopher Seneca, “The whole world is my native land; world peace can only be realized when our children all believe the same” and asked a question why such a world had not yet come so far. Master Woo Myung answered to the question:

“Because a complete existence had not come to the world. Such a world can only come when people have recovered their original nature. When the human mind changes to the mind of the Universe and all people become one, there will no longer be distinctions between your country and my country. In all my lectures around the world, I tell people that there is now a complete solution. I tell them, “Even if you had not been born, the Universe would still have existed; and if you get rid of your mind world and you are reborn in the Universe, you will have the mind of the Universe and become complete.” This is possible because this meditation has the method.”

In response to such a succinct answer by master Woo Myung, Dr. Mercieca said that all of the education systems in the world must include the this meditation philosophy of master Woo Myung because there had not been a method so far. But now it could be achieved quickly with the method. He expressed his conviction for the method of this meditation that achieves human completion and world peace.

About the religious war still happening around the world, master Woo Myung said, “If people become the universe mind by eliminating Jesus and Mohamed, the false images they have in their mind, they become one with each other. You only subtract in this meditation. People have been doing addition so far.” Dr. Mercieca also agreed with him, “You have to empty everything out from your mind.”

In addition, Dr. Mercieca praised master Woo Myung’s books that have already been receiving huge attention from the world, “I couldn’t see properlyeven thoughI had eyes but now I feel like my eyes open up. If I read this book, it would be very beneficial to me.”

Master Woo Myung explained that it is “ideal literature” saying, “it is because there is the method to become complete by escaping your own mind world and freeing from pain and burden.”

Dr. Mercieca expressed amazement and joy, “It is really a dream-like story that human can free from pain and stress. This is a miracle.” Master Woo Myung emphasized the need for this meditation once again, “This meditation is a total education that makes human complete. If you practice this, you become one with everything and complete.”

In the end, Dr. Mercieca said with conviction, “when humans become complete by escaping from the self, the world will truly become peaceful. This meditation is the most fundamental solution to world peace.” He expressed the positive support of IAEWP for master Woo Myung and Meditation.

This meditation is currently in operation at 340 centers in 34 countries around the world. This meditation’s scientific effects have been widely verified in Korea, the country that this meditation was founded. It has been selected as an afterschool program, college course and a training program for masters. It contributes significantly to throw away the human mind that is stress and recover the original nature.

Master Woo Myung’s latest book, “Stop Living in This Land Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever” hit no.1 on the Amazon best seller list and was listed on the year’s 100 bestselling books for 2012. It has caused a global sensation and is in a process of being translated into 10 languages.

Moreover, calligraphy, drawings and songs by master Woo Myung have been highly praised globally for the contents that enlighten people to the truth and artistic values.

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