To Make Somebody Happy


To Make Somebody Happy - Wisdom's Webzine


It is truly joyful to make somebody happy. Everyone has someone whom they want to make happy. It could be their parents, significant other or children. Do you also have somebody you want to make happy?

Humans are lonely and solitary because they are selfish. Someone accumulates wealth for his own success and fame. However, he eventually collapses with loneliness and solitude. There are also many films and novels about this.  The main character in“The Great Gatsby” lives for himself and so the life he leads to satisfy himself is lifeless and hopeless. No matter how much money he earns, he ends up being alone. He is lonely. If the life you are leading now is not happy, let us live a life to make somebody happy. You would work truly hoping that somebody you really love becomes happy. When you earn money, when you breathe, and even when you wake up in the morning, if the reason for every single action you make is for another’s betterment; if you do your best at work and make money to show them something good and treat them with some delicious food; wouldn’t you be a truly happy person? Some wealthy people create charities. By helping someone else, they feel happiness and joy. Because we are originally one, you would become happy when your family or loved ones also become happy. Through such actions, people will feel happiness and joy.

Take a pencil with you now and ask yourself, “Whom do I want to make happy?”There must be more than one person. Then, list some of the actions you should take to make them happy.

The moment you start to write a list, your heart will start to beat harder. The passion for your life will surge when you feel you can actually do something for those you love. If your life is boring and not fun, get a part-time job for somebody you love. Earn extra money and do something they enjoy for them. Book a trip for them or treat them a nice dinner… doesn’t it sound very exciting? When you accomplish something they want, the joy of accomplishment would be 100 times better than any one you attained for yourself.

If you do something for yourself, you easily face frustration and despair. However, when the dream you want to accomplish is the one for those you love, rather than only for yourself, you wouldn’t lose your heart-thumping passion but rather, you would be able to overcome any hardships and ordeals more easily.

There is somebody who makes your heart thump. Grasp what that person wants and take action. If you take one step at a time towards someone’s dream, your life will always shine with innocence and purity like that of a young child, and truly you would be happy.