May 12th Is Mother’s Day


May 12th Is Mother's Day - Wisdom's Webzine

May 12th is Mother’s Day. It is the day we officially appreciate the mother who gave birth to us or provided for us in our life. Some sign of appreciation to mother might include flowers or a delicious dinner. What are you planning this Mother’s Day? I hope you have some time to reflect about mother once again for Mother’s Day. I would like to say that mother is like the sun that always shines the light and like the earth that always embraces us with love, equally and preciously,no matter which child we are. People say that if you become a mother you will know how mothers feel. Mothers always worry about their kids. When their kids are sick, they seem to suffer more than when they feel sick themselves. However, we can’t really understand how mothers feel. Some children rather feel uncomfortable about receiving such attention or may not even be aware of it. Mother is a being who is born in the world to care of her children all the time – as if it is her job. Mother always cares for her children and checks whether her kids are sick or feel depressed or alone. When kids are sad, the mother doesn’t feel good either. There is an old saying that mothers hope for their kids to live well without sickness, even at their death. It means they care only for their children until they pass away. That’s who Mother is.

It seems like we don’t know exactly about mother. We feel bothered when she nags us, and want her not to care about us. But we should not be like that. Her job is to worry about her children and she is born to share love with her children. Therefore, we should love and appreciate our mother. There are many things we can’t do for our mother but even if we did, she doesn’t want that either. What all mothers want for their children would probably be to not deny the love they offer and just accept it, listen to them carefully, keep the body they gave us healthy, not to feel lonely or face trouble on our own. When we have troubles, we should be able to be embraced and consoled by our mother because that is the job of a being called mother.

I believe mother is a being who always gives to her children like nature does. She exists in the world to do that. We should not hate nor hurt her but be grateful for her and know what she wants and follow it. Although I haven’t become a mother yet, I can always feel how much my mother loves me even from just seeing her warm eyes. Although she does not say, I can feel that she whispers to me that she exists for me and her happiness will come when I don’t suffer but rather, become happy.

So, I decided to live joyfully and delightfully all the time and not get sick for my mother. I also found out some things that I can do for the mother who loves me the most in the world, to make her happy. It might be the most valuable present I can give her on this Mother’s Day, rather than treating her with flowers or dinner. It is a gift list I came up with for this Mother’s Day.

1. Not to ever get sick

2. Talking to mother whenever I have troubles (not to be depressed or suffer alone)

3. Not to fight with my siblings,but to help and be affectionate with them.

4. To do my best for what mother wants me to do. Not to go against mother’s will (not to do what mother does not like)

5. Most importantly, to love my mother only all the time. And, to always remember that my mother loves me enormously.

This is all. Wouldn’t it be a great gift for her? What would you like to give your mother on this Mother’s Day?