The Dark Night Has Passed And Morning Has Dawned


 The Dark Night Has Passed And Morning Has Dawned - Wisdom's Webzine

We were born in a very good time. The world is truly tough and complicated these days. However, did you know that the night is the darkest right before a bright dawn comes? The darkest night must pass by in order to greet a bright dawn and a shiny morning. Although we say it is difficult to live and the world is tangled, a bright dawn must come afterwards. And I would like to let people know that the dawn has already come. It is my message of hope.

I would like to tell you that you do not need to be lonely anymore or live in agony and stress. Such a good era has come. Why do people feel exhausted? It is our mind that feels exhausted. Then, why is our mind exhausted? While living, we take countless experiences in our mind, just like a camera taking pictures, or like filming a movie. We take all the experiences in our mind and live trapped within that mind. Like a bird is trapped in a cage, our life is also lived trapped in a cage of the mind that we have made by ourselves. That’s why there is pain and stress.

The method to throw away such a mind world filled with pain and stress has now come to the world. Through this method, many people, who once lived trapped in their self, have thrown away the false self and found their true self, and thus live joyfully in the true world like a bird that freely flies. A few thousand people already live in the true world through the method. Do you think the life you live is real? Your mind feels tired and desperate, and things do not work out as you please. Like riding a rollercoaster, downturns are always waiting after some upturns. Many think they are the only ones who feel unlucky. However, most of the people in the world live so. It’s not that only you are unlucky at all. Such a good method is now available in such a good world. You just need to knock on the door at this opportunity. The world is not unfortunate but the mind of the self believes that they are unlucky so they see everything in that way. If you throw away that negative self completely and become one with the universe, your true self, and if you are born as the never-dying true soul from that universe, you will live the happiest life with the greatest joy and pleasure. So what is more important than this in the world?

In the world, there are many meditation organizations and religions. But now, ask yourself. Have you become complete? If you become complete when learning something from some organization, wouldn’t that organization true? It is the most important to live happily forever by becoming truly complete now. Now is really the time when you become complete. Countless people have already achieved it. I hope no one misses this good method at this time. I hope everyone learns the method quickly and lives forever in the happy world altogether. You do not need to cry and feel exhausted anymore. We were born at a truly happy time.

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