Abandonment (Picture Story)


I never took a rest and kept running forward.

I believed what I had was all that was in the world.

A good car, a good house, good clothes…

One day, I was lost in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car.

The broken downcar that had stopped was not part of my ‘great self’ anymore.

It was nothing more than a nuisance that someone needed to take away.

After having realized that this part of my ‘great self’ was useless,

It became easy for me to dump my car. And I felt free.

I jumped out from my good car, took off my expensive shoes and landed on the ground.

As I ‘landed,’ I escaped from myself and saw from a higher perspective; I could see a new world.


Abandonment (Picture Story) - Wisdom's Webzine


There were beautiful flowers and grasses rooted on Mother Earth.

And there were trees that always depended on the wind and sky.

Abandonment (Picture Story) - Wisdom's Webzine


After having abandoned the false self, I found my true self:

‘the original self’ that had always existed there no matter the time.

One who has truly abandoned the self knows that everything just exists even though everything has been abandoned.

That ‘abandonment’ is a ‘new start,’ not the end.

* Illustration by H  |  Story by J