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Many people have had the experience of going to a beach to escape from their busy daily life. This experience might include seagulls flying over the broad ocean, a boat floating far away, sounds of splashing waves and the smell of the ocean. Imagining relaxing on the beach can put a smile on their face. At the very sight of the ocean, they might have felt how their mind became calm and broad just like the ocean, instantly forgetting about the exhausting mind that comes with work. Like the warm bosom of mom, the ocean comforts us. The same feeling can arise when you look up at the blue sky. Do you feel the same?

The great nature – ocean, sky and earth – endlessly gives us everything. It basically provides us abundant food and resources in terms of materials. What draws us to the great nature is actually the true love offered by it. The nature has provided us with bountiful gifts for so long. Humans who have only been receiving from nature are now thoughtlessly destroying nature due to their greed. How pathetic it is. As a repercussion for destroying nature, humans severely suffer from natural disasters. There is a saying that “you reap what you sow.” Nevertheless, nature is silently watching us. It doesn’t hate or judge us. Nature continuously loves us. It is quite similar to a benevolent mom severely scolding her child for wrongdoings. Because we intuitively know nature’s true love, we do not blame nature. If there is any resentment toward it, typically, it is squashed rather quickly in one’s mind.

If we think about our origin, we can easily find that our original foundation reaches the great nature. For example, because the ground exists, we can sit or stand. That ground exists on the foundation of the Earth. The Earth exists on the foundation of the infinite universe (= the great nature). Therefore, since the great nature is like the parents who gave birth to us, we are also a part of the great nature and are nature itself. That’s probably why we don’t dare to blame it.

Before the love typically found between male and female, there existed the love for Mom who gave us life, which corresponds to the love for great nature. All the moms in the world give their children life, bountiful love and discipline to raise them correctly. Even though children sometimes act against mom’s love, mom still loves them to the end. We should not forget to be grateful for that love and life that mom gave us every day of the year, not just mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day. When we live with gratitude, we would also be able to deliver such love and gratitude to others.

Moreover, the great nature gave us life. Therefore, we surely feel secure with nature like when we are in mom’s bosom. The great nature endlessly shows us the essence of true love with a never-changing mind. We can only feel gratitude and awe for it. Why don’t we stop being immature children, who only receive and take, and show respect and give a lot of attention for our mom and great nature?

To my beloved mom who gave me birth and all of the beings of the beloved nature, thank you. I love you.