Let It Be by Beatles (My Favorite Song)


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Let It Be by Beatles (My Favorite Song)

♬ Mother Mary comes to me~ Speaking words of wisdom~♬

♬ Let it be~~♬

During my twenties, I sometimes had some alcohol with my friends and went to a karaoke. This was the song that I enjoyed singing then. I yelled out ‘Let it be~ let it be~’ on a refrain, which consoled my painstaking heart. I have missed a lot; I missed such a mom that lyrics talked about. I also denied a lot that it was impossible to have such a mom.

After having finished my life as a wanderer, as I got a little matured, I found out that my mom was EXACTLY so. How couldn’t I have been aware of it at all? There has been a never-exhausting person who keeps telling her children the truth and how we could live as the truth. When looking back at the time I endlessly did wrongdoings, I really deserved being an abandoned daughter. However, our mom has never been angry at me nor told me what to do, and just silently embraced me.

I had many siblings but my mom didn’t give credit to better kids and tell of bad kids. She was happy when we, me and my siblings, helped each other and harmoniously lived together.

One of her kids had visual impairment with glaucoma. Even at that moment, my mom didn’t waver. My mom didn’t cry together with a girl who wept over the ordeal. Her daughter resented her mom regarding her as a coldhearted mom. She berated her mom saying that everything happened because of here and her obstinate daughter yelled at her to fix her eyes. She only expected to recover her eyesight. However, my mom told her to lay down that expectation and how to see the world with her mind. My mom always helped her to awake from the ordeal and pain. That girl is actually me and I now have a room in my mind so that I can help and take care of people having harder time than I had.

What about now? She is still the same. I feel so thankful that I want to do everything for her but my mom just wants her children to live with righteous and sincere people forever.

♬ Let it be~♬

I left South Korea, my home country, and work in Hungary. I cannot still be a good daughter doing her duty for her mom but even today, my mom fully encourages me as her child might have hard time away from her home country. With the love from my mom, I am so powerful that I feel like I can even lift the Earth and so excited that I feel like I can jump up to the universe. This is really the energy of my mom whom I love and feel proud of.

If I haven’t emptied out my mind through this meditation, I couldn’t live my life with joy and could never thought of writing to express my gratitude for my mom.

With happy mind, I am humming once again with a big smile on my face;

♬ Let it be~♬