Let’s Not Forget


Let's Not Forget - Wisdom's Webzine


In our life, we often forget – forget about parents, children, boy/girlfriend or hometown that we have to live apart from due to work or school. Don’t forget these people. Let’s not forget the one who only cares for you. Let’s not forget the one who gives you everything and loves you unconditionally. That person will still be missing you and waiting for you to come. That person loves you very much and they want to live their lives together with you. You might not miss that person as much as that person crazily misses you, but that person who loves you cannot forget about you and keeps waiting for you. There is a person who hopes for you to become one and live happily, hoping 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Human brain has a function of memorizing but it seems to have a function of not memorizing clearly. Although that person gives everything to you and madly loves you, you gradually forget about it as time goes by. Although that person wants you and thinks only of you, it seems to you that it isn’t important at all.

Let’s not forget. Let’s not forget. At this moment too, that person would say that your face is always in their mind. In their heart, that person would only think of you. You might forget about that person and live only for yourself being intoxicated with your own life, but that person can’t forget about you and keeps waiting and waiting, only for you.

Let’s not forget the one who loves you and thinks only of you. Let’s think of that person at least half as much as that person thinks of me. Let’s miss that person. There is that person who worries for you whether you might get sick, feel exhausted or your mind gets more distant from them. That person does not think of himself at all, yet, even at this moment, you worry only for yourself and live depressed.

Like that person who cares for you. Why don’t you care for that person? Even if physically apart from one another, it is not important at all. Because the mind is always one, we are always together. You yourself just made up the mind of the self and you yourself feel distant from the one who loves you and cares only for you. Just because of the selfish mind, because the self only knows about the self, you are unable to think of that person who cares only for you, even now, and wants to live happily with you, becoming one with you. Today again, you only care for yourself and live deeply within your own life, unable to care for others.

So, let’s not forget. Let’s not forget that person. Although the life you live is tough, heartless and busy, don’t forget that one person and think only of that person. Let’s think that that person is all about the existence of you. That person might already think that you are everything in their life. Let’s not forget the one who only loves you. Love the one who loves only you.

Someday, you may meet that person again and live together happily and joyfully for all of time. So, let’s not forget.