My Everyday, Mother’s Day


My Everyday, Mother's Day - Wisdom's Webzine

“Mother,” she is truly a great being. The reason why every single person can exist in the world is because there is a mother. The reason why everything and every being could exist in the world is also because there is Mother. We have probably been forgetting about the Mother for so long. As we bear so many burdens in our mind, we could not have the mother, who has been waiting and caring for us all the time, within our mind.

Now, as I become mature and come to know my Mother, every day is overflowing with great love and so I truly feel grateful. However, it is not just important that we realize the existence of Mother. What’s more important is that the Mother knows us; probably, only this is important.

Under the Mother that is the world itself, we are all siblings. It would be the most blessed, beautiful and sweet life to know the mother, my siblings and to become one. As I can call Mother, who endlessly love us even at this moment, “mom,” and Mother, who is the most noble and beautiful in the world, calls us, “children,” the power and courage that I can carry out anything in the world surges.

Once again, I pledge to myself that I would devote everything of me at this moment for the Mother and to make her keep her bright smile at all times. Everyday, I live in this way. My every day is Mother’s Day.