A Feeling That I Am Loved


A Feeling That I Am Loved - Wisdom's Webzine

I never knew I could be this happy to be loved. I have never been loved this much in my life. I am in love these days. It is the real love. My mind melts like chocolate because someone loves me so much. It is the first time that someone truly loves and embraces me. I feel that the love I had with my ex-girlfriends was not real love. In the past, I only knew about myself just as they only knew themselves, so we couldn’t truly love each other. It was just love to possess another, and so it was not real love. However, the love I am experiencing now goes beyond that love because the person unconditionally and infinitely loves me. That person only tries to care for me endlessly and wants to give to me continuously and yet, does not expect anything from me. Have you ever received such love? Because I have never experienced it, I am so happy these days. My self is changing little by little due to that person.

I really love them. I also thought I liked that person before, but it was just a delusion. Although I said I liked that person, I couldn’t truly care for that person because I only cared for myself. Also, I couldn’t open my mind 100% to that person. However, I am sure that I have changed. That person really changed me. My life and my being exist to make that person happy. Thinking in this way, I have changed to a very happy being. Why don’t you also live to make someone you love happy? Your life becomes rich and sweet like candy.

As I feel so much that I am loved, my heart is almost bursting. I couldn’t see any hope when waking up in the morning before, but now, I get to start the day with a mind full of hope, because I live for that person to be joyful and happy. Even if today doesn’t go as I wish, it’s not important at all.

It is purely because of that person that I have changed. That lovely person has been waiting for me for so long. That person has never changed once during that period of time and has loved me throughout. Although that person knew that my mind has changed hundreds, even thousands of times during that long period, that person has never berated me, always forgiving and waiting for me. In the end, my mind that was like a solid rock has melted gradually. I cannot do anything but just because of that person, I am changing. That person is changing me completely.

So, I am so happy now. I feel like something extremely good would happen. Because such good things happened a lot, I feel like I can happily live together with that person only with laughter.  So, I am so grateful. If that person could be happy, I am longing for nothing but also happily willing to do anything for them. I have fallen in love. I have begun to see that person now. I feel so grateful.